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[Cartographical Curiosity - Cartoon Map of Europe]

image of Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1870.

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Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1870. Berlin: Reinhold Schlingmann, 1870. Lithograph with original hand colour, 330 x 400mm. Folds strenghtened on verso.
A German edition of Hadol's separate-issue caricature map of Europe, satirising the political situation by caricaturing the countries with figures. Also called serio-comic, cartoon maps or satirical maps, they are very sought after and hard to find. England is a crone with Ireland a dog on a lead, angry at being ignored by the rest of Europe; France and Prussia square up, preparing for the war that started in July that year; Prussia has one hand on the Netherlands and kneels on Austria's chest; Denmark has artificial legs, having lost Holstein also to Prussia; however, as in all the variants of this caricature over 50 years, Russia is a bogeyman, in this case 'Knecht Ruprecht', a 'Dark Helper' of Santa Claus, who frightened children into good behaviour.
[Ref: 12497]