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[A map from Cook's second visit to New Zealand]

image of Sketch of Dusky Bay in New Zealand; 1773.

image of Sketch of Dusky Bay in New Zealand; 1773.

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Sketch of Dusky Bay in New Zealand; 1773. London: Strahan & Cadell, 1777. 225 x 380mm. Narrow lateral margins as issued.
Chart of Resolution Harbour and Dusky Sound, on the south west of the South Island, New Zealand, drawn by Lieut. Henry Roberts (1756-796), who served with Cook on his Second and Third Voyages. Cook named Dusky Bay on his first voyage (1768-71), and returned there on his second (1772-5), spending two months exploring the fjord, planning its use as a harbour. Many of the names are still used, including Resolution Island and the unimaginative First, Second and Third Coves in Breakwater Sound. However there was a limit to their knowledge: below Third Sound is an 'Apparent Island' and, beneath that, a bay marked 'No body knows what'. In 1791 George Vancouver, who had started his naval career as a midshipman on Cook's Second Voyage alongside Roberts, returned to Dusky Sound for re-provisioning en route to the American North West. Exploring the Sound further he reached the end of the southern bay: he could not resist adding to his map 'Somebody knows what', a joke that carried over to the published version.
[Ref: 13331]