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[Wall map of New York province published during the American Revolution]

image of Province de New-York en 4 Feuilles par Montresor.

image of Province de New-York en 4 Feuilles par Montresor.

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Province de New-York en 4 Feuilles par Montresor. Paris: Georges-Louis Le Rouge, 1777. Original outline colour. 4-sheets conjoined, total 1430 x 940mm.
A French edition of Captain John Montresor's 'Map of the Province of New York with Part of Pennsylvania, and New England', first published 1775. Published in Le Rouge's 'Atlas Ameriquain Septentrional', most of the map remains in the original English, apart from the title and notes given in both English and French. In the upper corners are inset maps of Lake Champlain and the White Hills. Montresor (1736-99), a British military engineer, spent much of his career in North America. In the French & Indian War he was involved in the Braddock Expedition against Fort Duquesne and the sieges of both Louisburg and Quebec. When the war finished he built or repaired fortifications in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Forts Niagara & Erie, and the Bahamas. He also mapped the St Lawrence River, Acacia, and, most importantly, the border between New York and New Jersey in 1771, which formed the basis of this map. In the American Revolution he was present at the battles of Lexington, Concord, Long Island & Battle of Brandywine, but resigned from the army in 1779 after being superceded as chief engineer. Twenty years later he died in Maidstone Prison, imprisoned for debt.
[Ref: 13420]