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[Wäldseemüller's Ptolemiac map of Arabia]

image of Sexta Asie Tabula.

image of Sexta Asie Tabula.

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PTOLEMY, Claudius.
Sexta Asie Tabula. Strassbourg: J. Schott, 1513 or 1520. Woodcut, trapezoid, printed area 320 x 560 at most. Very fine condition.
A rare map of Arabia according to Ptolemy, as compiled by Martin Wäldseemüller, with additional geographical information added. The edition of Claudius Ptolemy's 'Geographia' that this map appeared in was the first to supplement the Ptolemaic maps with 'modern' maps, twenty drawn by Wäldseemüller. Thus it is regarded as one of the landmarks in the history of cartography. First published in 1513, this map was issued without alteration a second and final time in 1520. In 1522 Fries issue a copy, reduced in size by a third, which is far more common than this original version. TIBBETTS: 13; AL-QASIMI: The Gulf in Early Maps, p. 11.
[Ref: 13668]