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[A scarce 16th century map of France]

image of Nova Totius Galliæ Descriptio. Carta Galicana. show larger image

DE JODE, Gerard.
Nova Totius Galliæ Descriptio. Carta Galicana. Antwerp, 1578, First Edition. 350 x 505mm. Lower centerfold reinforced , otherwise a very fine example.
An uncommon map of France, engraved by brothers Lucas and Jan van Doeticum and published in the first edition of de Jode's 'Speculum Orbis Terrarum'. Despite being a map of France it shows the Low Countries, Switzerland and Germany east to the Rhine, Savoy and northern Italy with the course of the Po river. It is believed that de Jode had his maps ready for publication in the early 1570s but could not get a license, apparently because of interference by Ortelius, who wanted to protect his own 10-year privilege for the 'Theatrum'. By the time that expired in 1579 it was to late for De Jode to compete with Ortelius: his 'Speculum' sold poorly, as did the second, expanded edition of 1593, published by Gerard's widow and sons. After 1600 the plates were bought by Jan Baptiste Vrients, who also acquired the Ortelius rights; De Jode's maps were never printed again. Thus all editions of the De Jode maps are scarce. KOEMAN Jod 1.
[Ref: 15515]    £1,400.00 ($1,693 • €1,527 rates)

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