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[Joannes Blaeu's double-hemisphere world map with superior colour]

image of Nova et Accuratissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula. show larger image

BLAEU, Johannes.
Nova et Accuratissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula. Amsterdam, 1662, Latin text edition. Exceptional original colour, with gold and silver highlights. 415 x 540mm. Minor repair to split in centre fold in lower margin.
The new double-hemisphere world map, drawn up by Johannes Blaeu to replace the map first issued by his father Willem in 1606 and used in their atlases from 1630. The quality of the original colour suggests it was coloured by one of the most famous Dutch colourists, Dirk Janszoon van Santen. This new map is a great departure in style, being double-hemisphere rather than on the former's Mercator Projection. Above the map are allegorical figures of the planets, the sun & moon, with two cartographers at the sides. Underneath are allegorical figures of the Four Seasons, each drawn by either birds or animals. The cartography is much improved, with the removal of the Great Southern Continent and the addition of the pre-Cook outlines of Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately Blaeu has chosen to show California as an island, dropping the peninsular depiction of his father. This example comes from the first issue of the 'Atlas Major', the first atlas to contain this map. SHIRLEY: World 428.
[Ref: 16806]    £20,000.00 ($25,400 • €22,720 rates)

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