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[An early example of a classic decorative map of Scotland]

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SPEED, John.
The Kingdome of Scotland. London, John Sudbury & George Humble, 1616. Coloured. 390 x 510mm. A few marginal repairs; a very fine impression.
A rightly famous map of Scotland, with an inset of the Orkneys. First issued 1611-12, this example comes from the second edition, planned for 1614 but delayed by the death of the printer William Hall. The vignette portraits are James VI of Scotland (also James I of England), his wife Anne and their two sons, Henry Prince of Wales & Charles (later Charles I). In 1652 the Puritan ascendancy made it politic to re-engrave the plate: away went the Royal family, to be replaced by costume vignettes of a 'Scotch' (i.e. lowland) man & woman and their wilder 'Highland' neighbours.
[Ref: 17466]    £3,400.00 ($4,386 • €4,029 rates)

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