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[An early Air France poster map of the world]

image of Air France. Réseau Aérien Mondial. show larger image

BOUCHER, Lucien.
Air France. Réseau Aérien Mondial. Paris: Perceval, 1937. Colour lithographic map. 625 x 965mm. Laid on linen, cracking on original folds.
An early Air France poster showing the airline's nascent network, published only four years after the airline was founded. It shows their routes from Paris; to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago in the Americas; Dakar, Algiers, Casablanca and Tunis in Africa; and to Damascus, Baghdad, Calcutta and Bangkok in Asia, ending at the French colonies of Hanoi and Saigon in Vietnam. The map is decorated with some of the traditional elements of world maps, including large compass roses, galleons, Neptune with tritons, with vignette illustrations across the land. Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) started his career as a cartoonist for satirical magazines before focusing on poster artwork for film and advertising. He is best known for the series of Air France posters that he made between 1934 and 1962.
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