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[A vivid celestial chart produced as an Air France poster]

image of Air France. show larger image

BOUCHER, Lucien.
Air France. Paris: Perceval for Air France, 1953. Chromolithograph, image 595 x 955mm. Laid on archival backing.
A double-hemisphere celestial map with the constellations of the zodiac in gold and the others in turquoise, set against a sky of navy blue, both with the major stars marked. At the bottom is a globe with Air France's routes radiating from Paris and two aeroplanes circling. In the upper cusp is a winged hippocampus (a winged horse with a fish's tail), a logo used by the airline since 1933. In the four corners are winged wind-heads. Lucien Boucher (1889-1971), known as 'Monsieur Planisphere' because of his witty maps, produced posters for Air France nearly thirty years. This is a fine example of his work, portraying his adept use of colour.
[Ref: 19374]    £2,000.00 ($2,418 • €2,182 rates)

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