Africa Maps

The first atlas map of the continent of Africa

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Africa XXV Nova Tabula.
Basle, Henri Petri, 1552, Latin text edition. Woodcut, sheet 300 x 375mm.

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Munster's woodcut map of Africa after Ortelius

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Africa, Libya, Morenland mit allen Königreichen...
Basle: Sebastian Petri, 1598. Coloured woodcut. Printed area 315 x 350mm.

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Woodblock map of Africa

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Basle, c.1615, German text edition, Woodcut, printed area 130 x 160mm, set in a page of text..

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Classic Dutch 'carte-à-figure' map of Africa

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon.

Africæ nova Descriptio.
Amsterdam, c.1650, German text edition. Fine original colour. 410 x 460mm.

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17th century map of Eastern and Southern Africa

BLOME, Richard.

A Mapp of the HIgher and Lower Aethiopia, Comprehending ye Several Kingdomes, &c. in each. To Witt, in the Empire of the Abissines, The Coast of Zanguebar, Abex, and Aian, with the Kingdomes of Nubia, and Biafara, &c. In the Lower Aethiopia The Kingdom of Congo, ye Empire of the Monomotapa and Monoemugy, ye Coast and Landes of Cafres, and of this side Cape Negres, With the Isles of Madagascar, &c.
London, 1670. 305 x 410mm.

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Unrecorded carte-à-figures map of Africa

SABATINI, Francesco.

Africæ Nova Tabula...
Bologna, Francesco Sabatini, c.1670, 455 x 560mm.

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The first English atlas map of Africa

SPEED, John.

Africæ, described, the manners of their habits, and buildinge: newly done into English by J.S.
London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 405 x 525mm.

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Two-sheet map of Africa

JAILLOT, Alexis-Hubert.

L'Afrique divisée suivant l'estendue de ses principales parties...
Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, c.1705. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined 580 x 880mm.

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18th century map of Africa

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Africae emendata Descriptio.
Nuremberg, ca. 1720. Original colour. 125 x 180mm.

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Early 18th century map of Africa in fine colour

HOMANN, Johann Baptist.

Totius Africae Nova Repraesentatio...
Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour. 496 x 575mm.

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Classic 18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Iuxta Navigationes et Observationes Recentissimas Aucta...
Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour. 500 x 575mm.

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A scarce French map of Africa

DANET, Guillaume.

L'Afrique Dressée Sur Les Relations & nouvelles decouvertes de differens Voyageurs Conformes aux observatio.ns Astronomiques.
Paris: Louis Charles Desnos, 1760. Original colour. 490 x 720mm.

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18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Juxta Navigationes et Observat: Recentissimas Aucta...
Augsburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1760. Fine original colour. 195 x 265mm.

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An 18th century wall map of Africa

ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste B. D'.

Africa, According to Mr. D'Anville with Several Additions, & Improvements, with a Particular CHart of the Gold Coast; wherein are distinguished all the European Forts and Factories, The whole Illustrated With a Summary Description Relative to the Trade & Natural-Produce, Manners & Customs of that Part of the World.
London: Robert Sayer, 1772. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1045 x 1250mm.

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A scarce English edition of La Sage's map of Africa

LAS CASAS, Emmanuel.

Africa with its Geographical Divisions, European Colonies, &c, &c.
London: R. Juigné, 1813. Original colour. Map 345 x 375mm, set in letterpress text, total printed area 460 x 675mm.

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Italian map of the exploration of Central Africa


Ultimi Viaggi Nell' Interno Dell' Africa. Di Livingstone - Speke, Grant e Stanley.
Torino, c.1878. Coloured wood engraving. 380 x 260mm.

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