Africa Maps

The first issue of this 16th century miniature map of Africa


Amsterdam, Cornelis Claez, 1599, Dutch text edition. 85 x 125mm, trimmed to printed border and pasted into atlas text, as issued.

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Africa from the first English Edition of the 'Atlas Minor'

HONDIUS, Jodocus.

Africae Descriptio.
London: Michael Sparke and Samuel Cartwright, 1635. Coloured. 155 x 205mm, set in English letterpress.

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Classic Dutch 'carte-à-figure' map of Africa

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon.

Africæ nova Descriptio.
Amsterdam, c.1650, German text edition. Fine original colour. 410 x 460mm.

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Unrecorded carte-à-figures map of Africa

SABATINI, Francesco.

Africæ Nova Tabula...
Bologna, Francesco Sabatini, c.1670, 455 x 560mm.

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Two-sheet map of Africa

JAILLOT, Alexis-Hubert.

L'Afrique divisée suivant l'estendue de ses principales parties...
Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, c.1705. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined 580 x 880mm.

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18th century map of Africa

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Africae emendata Descriptio.
Nuremberg, ca. 1720. Original colour. 125 x 180mm.

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Early 18th century map of Africa in fine colour

HOMANN, Johann Baptist.

Totius Africae Nova Repraesentatio...
Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour. 496 x 575mm.

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Classic 18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Iuxta Navigationes et Observationes Recentissimas Aucta...
Augsburg, c.1720. Original colour. 500 x 580mm.

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18th century map of Africa

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham.

Nouvelle Carte d'Afrique...
Amsterdam, 1721. Coloured. 480 x 590mm.

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An 18th century two-sheet map of Africa

MOLL, Herman.

To the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Peterborow and Monmouth, &c. This Map of Africa According to ye Newest and most Exact observations is most humbly Dedicated...
London, John Bowles, Thomas Bowles & Philip Overton, c.1732. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 960 x 580mm.

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A scarce French map of Africa

DANET, Guillaume.

L'Afrique Dressée Sur Les Relations & nouvelles decouvertes de differens Voyageurs Conformes aux observatio.ns Astronomiques.
Paris: Louis Charles Desnos, 1760. Original colour. 490 x 720mm.

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18th century map of Africa

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Africa Juxta Navigationes et Observat: Recentissimas Aucta...
Augsburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1760. Fine original colour. 195 x 265mm.

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An 18th century map of Africa

LOTTER, Tobias Conrad.

Africa Concinnata...
Augsburg, c.1770. Original wash colour with additions to the title cartouche. 450 x 580mm.

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A Venetian edition of D'Anville's wall map of Africa

ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste B. D'.

Afrique Publiée sous les Auspices de Monsieur Le Duc d'Orleans Prémier Prince du Sang.
Venice: Guiseppi Antonio Remondini, c.1780. Original outline colour. 4 sheets joined in pairs, sections 465 x 970mm & 505 x 970mm, total if joined c.990 x 970mm.

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A late 18th century French map of Africa


Carte Générale et Politique de l'Afrique.
Paris: Chanlaire & Mentelle, 1797. Original outline colour. 350 x 460mm.

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A colourful early 19th century map of Africa


Africa including the Mediterranean.
London: Wilkinson, 1809. Original body colour. 280 x 250mm.

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Decorative 19th century map of Africa


Paris, c.1850. Original outline colour with additions to the borders. Steel engraving, 320 x 450mm.

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A mid-19th century map of Africa with vignettes


London, J. & F. Tallis, c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 260 x 330mm.

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A mid-19th century map of Africa with vignettes


London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour with additions. Steel engraving, printed area 260 x 330mm.

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Italian map of the exploration of Central Africa


Ultimi Viaggi Nell' Interno Dell' Africa. Di Livingstone - Speke, Grant e Stanley.
Torino, c.1879. Coloured wood engraving. 380 x 260mm.

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