A 16th century miniature map of Tartary


Amsterdam, Cornelis Claez, 1599, Dutch text edition. 85 x 125mm, with letterpress surtitle and pagination.

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The Bertius map of Tartary

HONDIUS, Jodocus II.

Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius, 1616. Coloured. 100 x 135mm.

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A 17th century map of Tartary

SANSON, Nicolas.

Description de la Tartarie tirée en partie de plusiurs Cartes, qui en ont esté faictes en parte diverses Relations et de divers Autheurs Arabes qui ont esté au jour
Paris: Pierre Mariette, 1654. Original outline colour. 360 x 570mmmm.

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17th century map of Tartary

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon.

Tartaria sive Magni Chami Imperium.
Amsterdam, 1665, Dutch text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 385 x 500mm.

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The first folio map of Tartary engraved in England

BLOME, Richard.

A General Mapp of the Kingdoms of Tartaria. Designed by Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, and Rendred into English by Rick: Blome: by his Ma.tys Especiall Command.
London, 1670. 265 x 400mm.

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The famous English carte à figures map of Tartary

SPEED, John.

A Newe Mape of Tartary...
London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 395 x 515mm.

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A sea chart of the unknown north east Asia

KEULEN, Johannes van.

Pascaarte vande Noord Oost Cust van Asia Verthoonende in sich all de Zee-custen van Tartarien, Van Japan tot Nova Zemla alles op Wassende graaden gelaght.
Amsterdam: Van Keulen, c.1680. Old colour. 520 x 590mm.

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An extremely rare miniature map of Tartary

FRESCHOT, Casimir Don.

(142) Tartaria Grande in Asia sotto diversi Principi é Gran Cham Mahametan et Gentile Longh: 70. Gior.e.
Venice: Giovanni Pare', c. 1680. Sheet 51 x 51mm.

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17th century Italian map of Tartary

DE ROSSI, Giovanni Giacomo.

La Gran Tartaria divisa nelle sue parti principali..
Rome, 1683. 440 x 550mm.

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Bering's travels across Tartary

BOWEN, Emanuel.

An Exact Chart of all the Countries through which Capt. Behring Travelled from Tobolski Capital of Siberia to the Country of Kamtschatka.
London, 1748. 185 x 330mm.

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An 18th century two-sheet map of Chinese Tartary


Tartariae Sinensis Mappa Geographica... Tartariae Sinensis Mappa Geographica et des Royaumes de Corée et de Japan.
Nuremberg, 1749. Original colour. Two sheets, each c.510 x 400mm.

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An 18th century playing-card map of Tartary

RABATTA, Augusto & BAILOU, Jean Baptist de.

La Tartaria anticamente Scythia intra et extra Imaum et Serica.
Florence: Aniello Lamberti, 1779. Original colour. Sheet size 115 x 70mm.

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