Allegorical Maps

Fantasy map of Europe as a Queen from Bunting's Itinerarium

BÜNTING, Heinrich.

Europa Prima Pars Terræ in Forma Virginis.
Magdeburg, c.1581-, Latin edition. Woodcut, printed area 300 x 370mm.

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The famous 'Leo Belgicus' map

STRADA, Famiano.

De Bello Belgico Decas Prima. Famiani Stradae Rom. Soc. Iesu.
Rome, c.1632. 320 x 220mm.

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An engraved version of the famous map of Europe as a Virgin Queen

BÜNTING, Heinrich.

Europa Prima Pars Terræ in Forma Virginis.
Brunswick: Emmeran Kirchnern, 1646, German text edition. 260 x 360mm.

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The famous fantasy map of Asia as Pegasus

BÜNTING, Heinrich.

Asia Secunda pars Terræ in Forma Pegasir.
Hanover, 1581-. Woodcut. Printed area 300 x 370mm.

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A map of the 'Isle of Marriage'

LE NOBLE, Eustache.

Carta Topografica dell'Isola del Maritaggio di Monsieur Le Noble per la Prima Volta Tradotta Dal Francese in Italiano. In Cosmopoli, MDCCLXV.
Italy, 1765. 8vo, contemporary vellum; letterpress title, pp. 40, folding map, 250 x 355mm.

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England depicted as a man on a seamonster

DIGHTON, Robert.

A Caricature of England and Wales.
London: W. Snow, c.1815. Original colour. Card, 140 x 111mm.

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A miniature 'Leo Belgicus'

STRADA, Famiano.

De Bello Belgico. Famiani Stradæ Romani e Societate Jesu. Decas Secunda.
Amsterdam, 1658. Coloured. 105 x 70mm.

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A 20th century allegorical map of England and Wales


[England & Wales allegorical map.]
n.d., 1922. Chromolithograph on light card, sheet 255 x 205mm.

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Miniature Leo Belgicus


[Leo Belgicus.]
Brussels, 3rd February, 1815. Wood engraving, printed area 45 x 35mm, set in text. Two tax stamps.

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