An advertising poster for an Italian maker of musical instruments


P.o R.o Stabilimento Musicale di Giuseppe Pelitti Milano. Fondato nel 1720.
Milan, c. 1882. Lithograph. Sheet 675 x 1430mm.

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Pair of charts comparing geographic features of each hemisphere


A Comparative View of the Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains, in the Western Hemisphere. [&] A Comparative View of the Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains, in the Eastern Hemisphere.
London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Pair of steel engravings, printed area c.350 x 250mm.

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A 19th century French memento mori

TURGIS, Louis jnr.

Le temps passe, l'Eternité approche ! et nous n'y pesnons pas! Souviens-toi, ô homme, que tu n'es que poussière et que tu retourneras en poussière. Acuerdate hombre, que eres de polvo y que volveras á polvo.
Paris: Louis Turgis, Jnr, 1851. Tinted lithograph finished with hand colour and gum arabic shine. Printed area 330 x 220mm.

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Meteorological phenomena of the atmosphere


Dessins des phénomènes variés météorologiques de l'atmosphère.
Brussels, c.1850. 190 x 270mm.Original colour.

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Six early illustrations of the Aurora Borealis


Apparence de L'Aurore Boréale dans le Nord, à Bossekop (Finmark) le 11 Novembre 1838, vers 8.h 20.m de soir. [&] ... dans le Sud, é Bossekop, (Finmark), le 6 Janvier 1839, à 6.h 4.m de soir. [&] ... dans le Nord, à Bossekop, (Finmark), le 6 Janvier 1839, à 6.h 27.m du soir. [&] ... dans le Sud, à Bossekop, (Finmark), le 19 Janvier 1839, à 7h 40m du soir. [&] ... dans l'Est, à Bossekop, (Finmark), le 19 Janvier, à 9.h 27.m du Soir. [&] ... dans le Nord, à Kaafiord, (Finmark), le 24 Kanvier 1839, à 7.h 25.m su soir.
Six tinted lithographs with hand colour. each sheet 315 x 515mm.

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Five early illustrations of ther Aurora Borealis on one sheet


Apparences successives de L'Aurore Boréale dans le Nord-Nord-Ouest, à Bossekop (Finmark) le 12 Janvier 1839
Tinted lithograph with hand colour. Sheet 515 x 315mm.

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Colour-printed examples of George Morland's famous anti-slavery scenes

MORLAND, George.

African Hospitality. [&] Slave Trade.
London: S. Morgan, 1814. Pair of mezzotints, printed in colours and hand-finished. Each c. 475 x 650mm.

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A decorative table of river lengths and mountain heights


Plan of the Lengths of the Principal Rivers Throughout the World.
Edinburgh, c.1810. Coloured. Sheet 630 x 705mm.

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Two majestic still life mezzotints after a Dutch Old Master


A Flower Piece. [&] A Fruit Piece. In the Cabinet at Houghton.
London: John Boydell, 1778 & 1781. Pair of mezzotints, each 545 x 420mm.

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An early 18th century circular list of monarchs and popes, with a moving arm

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Discus Chronologicus in quo Omnes Imperatores et Reges orbis Europaei...
Nuremberg, c.1720. Original wash colour. 510 x 485mm, with printed rotating arm.

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An engraving of a Porphyrian tree or tree of virtues


[Porphyrian tree] Generalis Divisio Virtutis...
French, c.1679. Engraving. Sheet 545 x 400mm.

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Venus and Cupid travelling to Cyprus in a shell

LAIRESSE, Gerard de.

[Water.] G. Lairesse inuentor et sculpsit.
Amsterdam, c.1677. Etching. 210 x 165mm.

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Munster's famous woodblock illustrating sea monsters

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Meerwunder und seltzame Thier wie die in den Mitnachtigen Landern im Meer.
Basle, Henri Petri, c.1560, German text edition. Coloured woodcut, image size 250 x 350mm.

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