The iconic image of the death of Captain Cook


To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, &c. This Plate representing The Death of Captain Cook is humbly inscribed, by their Lordship's most obedient and devoted Servant, John Webber. Drawn by J. Webber. The Figures Engraved by F. Bartolozzi, R.A. Engraver to His Majesty. The Landscape by W. Byrne.
London: John Webber & William Byrne, 1784. Engraving with etching. Sheet 470 x 595mm.

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One of the earliest maps of Hawaii

COOK, James.

Chart of the Sandwich Isles.
London: Alexander Hogg, c.1785. Coloured. 225 x 356mm.

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A French edition of Cleveley's famous 'Death of Cook' scene

CLEVELEY, James & John.

Mort du Capitaine Cook.
Paris: Bance ainé, c.1790. Aquatint with fine hand colour. 495 x 660mm.

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A view of La Pérouse's expedition at anchor off Maui

BLONDELA, Francois Michel.

Vue du Mouillage des Frégate Françaises à L'Isle de Mowée.
Paris, 1797. Sheet 290 x 440mm.

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The largest representation of Hawaii to appear in an atlas


Océanique. Iles Sandwich. No.3.
Brussels, 1827. Lithographic map with original hand colour, 490 x 550mm, with wide margins.

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