17th century chart of Patagonia

DE WIT, Frederick.

Tractus Australior Americae Meridionalis, a Rio de la Plata per Fretum Magellanicum ad Toraltum. Nieuwe Perfecte Pascaert van't Suyderluckste deel van Suyt America, van Rio de la Plata door de Straet Magellaen tot Toral.
Amsterdam, c.1688. Original colour. 490 x 555mm.

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View of Tierra del Fuego from Cook's First Voyage

CIPRIANI, Giovanni Battista.

No 1. [A view of the Indians of Terra del Fuego in their hut.]
London: Strahan and Cadell, 1773. 230 x 305mm.

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Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan

BURNEY, James.

A Chart of the Coast of the Southern Parts of America, from the Latitude of 49 Degrees South to Cape Horn.
London: Burney, 1803. 290 x 345mm.

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