British Isles Sea Charts

Waghenaer's distinctive sea chart of the Bristol Channel

WAGHENAER, Lucas Janzoon.

Canalis celebris vel navigationis à Bristovio, atque totius situs inter Galliam Belgicam, et Britannicam aacurata deliniatio, eiusdemque terræ verus vultus cun suis miliaribus, ventis ac ascendentibus.
Amsterdam: Cornelis Claesz, 1591, Latin text edition. 350 x 520mm.

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A monumental sea chart of south-east England

HOOGHE, Romeyn de.

Carte Nouvelle des Costes d'Angleterre depuis la Riviere de la Tamise jusques à Portland..
Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1693. Original colour refreshed, with gold highlights. Two sheets conjoined, total 600 x 950mm.

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An 18th century two-sheet sea chart of the English Channel based on Halley


A New and Correct Chart of the Channel between England and France with considerable improvements not extant in any Draughts hitherto Publish'd shewing the sands, shoals, depths of Water and Anchorage, with ye flowing of ye Tydes, and setting of the Current; as observed by the Learned D.r Halley.
London: Mount & Page, c.1745. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 635 x 1000mm.

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An important chart of the east coasts of England


A Chart for the Newcastle Trade Describeing the Sea Coasts of England from the South Foreland to New:castle the Soundings, Sands, Shoals, Harbours Buoys Beacons and Seamarks, upon ye said Coasts.
London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1747. Two sheets conjined, total 510 x 1000mm.

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An 18th century sea chart of the English Channel


A Chart of the British Channel; Comprehending The Southern Coasts of England and Wales: with the Coast of France, from Dunkirk to the River of Nantes.
London: Robert Sayer, 1775. Original wash colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total, 540 x 660mm, folde dinto the original marbled slipcase.

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