An early example of this classic 17th century map of Oxfordshire

SPEED, John.

Oxfordshire described with ye Citie and the Armes of the Colledges of ye famous University. Aº 1605.
London: John Sudbury and George Humble, 1614-16. Coloured. 390 x 530mm.

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A 17th century townplan of Oxford


Oxonium. Oxford.
Amsterdam: Aegidius Janssonius Valckenier, c.1661. Coloured. 110 x 130mm.

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17th century map of Oxfordshire

BLOME, Richard.

A Generall Mapp of the County of Oxford, With its Hundreds, by Ric. Blome, by his Maty. Especiall Command.
London, c.1673. Coloured. 325 x 285mm.

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A map of Oxford in Elizabethan times

AGAS, Ralph.

Oxonia Antiqua Instaurata sive Urbis & Academiae Oxoniensis Topographica delineatio olim a Radulpho Agas impressa A.o D.i 1578 nunco denuo aeri incisa A.o D.i MDCCXXIII.
Oxford: William Williams, 1733. Coloured. 460 x 530mm.

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Miniature map of Oxford and Buckingham

PERROT, Aristide Michel.

Oxford, Berks, Buckingham.
Brussels, 1828. Etching. Original colour. 150 x 100mm.

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