The Web edition of Saxton's map of Essex

SAXTON, Christopher.

Essexiæ Comitat Nova vera ac absoluta desciption Anº 1642.
London: William Web, 1645. 415 x 525mm.

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Map of Essex published during the English Civil War

BLAEU, Johannes.

Essexia Comitatus.
Amsterdam, c.1646, German text edition. Original colour. 420 x 530mm, with wide margins.

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The Lea edition of Saxton's map of Essex

SAXTON, Christopher.

A Map of Essex, newly revised & Amended by P. Lea
London: Philip Lea, c.1693. Coloured. 415 x 525mm.

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Italian Map of Essex

ZATTA, Antonio.

Provincia di Essex di nuova Projezione.
Venice, 1779. Original colour. 205 x320mm.

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Detailed chart of the approaches to Harwich Harbour

BURN, George.

A New Chart of Harwich Harbour with the Rolling Ground, Felstow Road, Goldermore's and Flats of the Naze most humbly Inscribed and Presented to the Hon.ble Capt.n James Lutterell...
London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. 520 x 510mm.

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A scarce playing-card map of Essex

ALLEN, Joseph.

Somers Town, London: Joseph Allen & Robert Rowe, 1811. Original hand colour, 93 x 63mm.

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