Speed's map of Cambridgeshire from the rare Latin edition

SPEED, John.

Cambridgshire described with the division of the hundreds, the townes situation with the Armes of the Colleges of that famous Universiti.
London: John Sudbury & George Humble, 1616. Coloured. 380 x 520mm.

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17th century map of Cambridgeshire in vibrant original colour

BLAEU, Johannes.

Cantabrigiensis Comitatus. Cambridge Shire.
Amsterdam, 1646-, blank verso. Original colour. 425 x 520mm.

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Uncommon map of Cambridgeshire from a Saxton county atlas

WILLDEY, George.

Cambridge-Shire and the Great Level of ye Fenns extending into the Adjacent Shires, according to Surveys as it is now drained at the Charges of ye R.t Hon.ble W. Earl of Bedford, & ye other Proprieters by S.r Jonas Moore, &c.
London: Thomas Jefferys, c.1749. Coloured. 404 x 480mm.

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