Incunable prospect of Constantinople

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann.

Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493. Latin edition. Woodcut, image 240 x 530mm, set in a page of text, with good margins.

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A 16th century prospect of Constantinople

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Constantinopel des Griechischen Keyserthumbs Hauptstatt, im Lande Thracia am Meere gelegen.
Basle, c.1560, German text. Coloured woodcut, printed area 290 x 390mm, set in text. A wide margin example

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An important 16th century plan of Constantinople

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans.

Byzantium, nunc Constantinopolis.
Cologne, 1574-, Latin text edition. Original colour. 330 x 485mm.

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The Obelisk of Theodosius, Constantinople

KIRCHER, Athanasius.

[Obelisk of Theodosius] Obeliscus Costantinop. Auspice Ferd. III Caesare. Obeliscum Hunc Constantinopolitanum olim à Theodosio Augusto in Bizantino Circo Erectum Eminentiss. Principi Antonio Card. Barberino S.R.E. Camerario Consecrat.
Rome: V. Mascardi, 1652-4. Two sheets conjoined, total 555 x 365mm.

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Cornelli's map of the Bosphorus from a Farnese Edition

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria.

Bosforo Tracio hoggidi Canale di Constantinopoli.
Venice, 1697. Map 265 x 435mm, with extra frame-line border, total 445 x 605mm.

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A plan of the Bosphorus


Plan von Constantinopel und dessen herumbliegender gegend.
German, c.1730. 120 x 190mm.

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A scarce bird's-eye view of Constantinople


Frankfurt: Heirs of Sigismund Latomi, 1731. 320 x 380mm.

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An 18th century map of Constantinople

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas.

Plan de la Ville de Constantinople.
Paris, 1764. Original colour. 230 x 370mm.

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A view of Constantinople prepared as a transformation print

PROBST, George Balthasar.

[Vuë auprès de la Mosquée du Sultan Soliman et de Mohamet à Constantinople.]
Augsburg: Probst, c.1780. Original hand colour. Engraving, trimmed to printed border and laid on black-painted card. 305 x 445mm, holes cut in image, with coloured tissue pasted on reverse.

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A folding chart of the environs of Constantinople

DUPUIS, Louis André.

Carte de la Ville de Constantinople et du Bosphore de Thrace 1785. Carte Réduite des Côtes de la Grece et de L'Archipel. Carte de la Mer Marmora. Plan du Serrail.
Paris, 1785. Dissected and laid on linen as issued. 610 x 960mm.

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A very scarce prospect of Constantinople published in Florence

BASEGGIO, Massimino.

Veduta di Costantinopoli Presa da una Altura sopra Scutari Cittá dell' Asia Dirempetto alla Suddetta Cittá Giusamente presa Dove si vede Tutto il Serraglio, La Moschéa di S.a Soffia, e Tutte L'Altre Mosché, La Piazza del Ipodromo, Le Sette Torri, Galata, Pera S; Demitri: Con la Squadra de Capitan Pascia.
Florence, c.1787. Sheet 555 x 755mm.

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A large aquatint prospect of Constantinople from the east

JEAKES, Joseph.

Constantinople. East Prospect, taken from the Hill called Boulgourlou, immediately above the suburb of Scutari on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorous, after an original Drawing in the Collection of John Spencer Smith Esq. late his Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Porte &c &c &c.
London: Edward Orme, 1805. Aquatint with original hand colour. 450 x 620mm, on paper watermarked 'J. Whatman Turkey Mill'.

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An early 19th century description of Constantinople

BERGK, Johann Adam.

Beschreibung von Constantinopel... Nebst einem Plane und einem Prospekte dieser Stadt, so wie einer Charte von den Dardanellen.
Leipzig: Industrie-Comptoir, c.1807. 8vo; wrappers, front printed with title; pp. 32, three folding engraved plates.

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Mid-19th century plan of Constantinople

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

Constantinople. Stambool.
London, SDUK, 1840. Coloured. Steel-engraving, 330 x 400mm.

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A music-sheet view of Constantinople


Constantinople. Quadrille Par Charles D'Albert.
London: Chappel, 1856. Coloured lithograph. 345 x 245mm.

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