James I and the Spanish Match, with a prospect of London

CUSTOS, Dominicus.

Abilltung wie königliche Maistät in Engelandt Die Artickel Dess Spanischen Heyraths Jur: Bekreftiget Anno 1623.
Augsburg, c.1623. Coloured. 275 x 325mm.

Stock ID : 18200


An early 18th century prospect of pre-Fire London

AVELINE, Pierre A.

Londinum Urbs Praecipua Regni Angliae.
Paris, c.1700. Coloured. 400 x 505mm.

Stock ID : 18266


An important early 18th century prospect of London

KIP, Johannes.

La Ville de Londres. Prospectus Londinensis.
London, c.1720. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined as issued, total 490 x 1180mm.

Stock ID : 22756


A scarce 18th century prospect of London

WOLFF, Jeremias.

Augsburg: Jeremias Wolff, c.1725. Original colour slightly refreshed.Two sheets conjoined, total 320 x 1050mm, with good margins.

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A view of London at the time of the Eclipse of 1748


The Cause of Eclipses and the Motion of the Earth Delineated.
London: John Hinton, 1748. Engraving with etching. 200 x 235mm.

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The Great Seal of Richard Cromwell, with a prospect of London

SIMON, Thomas.

The Great Seal the Lord Protector Richard.
London: George Vertue, 1753. 210 x 150mm.

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A prospect of London after Wenceslaus Hollar


A View of London as it was in the Year 1647.
London: John Boydell, 1756. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 300 x 950mm.

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A scarce 18th century German prospect of London


Londen, die vornehmste u. Residenz Stadt der Könige in Engelland.
Löbau? c.1790. 195 x 310 mm.

Stock ID : 18483


View of London from Greenwich

WESTALL, William.

London from Greenwich Park
London: Engelman, Graf, Coindet & Co, August 1826. 280 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 18819


A large fantasy view of early 19th century London


Vue de Londres. Vista de Londres.
Paris: Gosselin, c.1840. Coloured lithograph. Sheet 510 x 650mm.

Stock ID : 20581


A mid 19th century detailed 'balloon view' of London

BANKS, John Henry.

A Cosmoramic View of London.
London: Banks, Wallis & Ackermann, 1843. Coloured. Aquatint. 440 x 1000mm.

Stock ID : 19391


A view of London illustrating cloud types

BLUNT, Charles F.

Cirro - Cumulus.
London: David Bogue, c. 1845. Wood engraving. 150 x 190mm.

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A panoramic view of Victorian London

Illustrated London News.

London from the South Side of the Thames.
London, 1861. Wood engraving, printed area 520 x 1330mm.

Stock ID : 17995


A bird's-eye view of London taken from the north

BANKS, John Henry.

A Balloon View of London.
London: Edward Stanford, 1862. Old colour. 635 x 1040mm.

Stock ID : 18605


An updated version of this detailed balloon-view of London

CHAPUY, Nicolas-Marie-Joseph.

Aspect General de Londres, Vue Prise de l'Abbaye de Westminster.
Paris: Dusacq, c.1870. Aquatint on steel. Sheet 710 x 1040mm.

Stock ID : 19277