Baltic Sea

A sea chart of the Gulf of Finland published the year of Waterloo

Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine.

Carte Réduite de la Mer Baltique. Vi.e Fueille Contenant Le Golfe de Finland d'après les Cartes Suédoises et Russes les plus récentres.
Paris: 1815. 630 x 930mm.

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A map-view of the Baltic Sea during the Crimean War

READ & Co.

A Panoramic View of the Seat of War in the North of Europe. Shewing the Entrance by the German Ocean or North Sea Thro' the Cattegat to the Baltic - The Gulfs of Riga - Bothnia - Finland &c. And the Relative Position from St Peetersburgh, of Cronstadt - Sweaborg & Helsingfors - Revel - Riga - Bomarsund in the Aland Isles and all other places of note, now of interest in connexion with the war with Russia. No.4.
London: Read & Co, 1855. Chromolithograph. Sheet 530 x 735mm.

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Mid 19th century map of the Baltic Sea


Baltic Sea
London, London Printing and Publishing Co., c.1860 original outline colour. Printed area 340 x 260mm.

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