The Muscovy Company whaling at Svalbard

EDGE, Thomas.

['Greenland' & 'Edges Island'.]
London: Henry Featherstone, 1625. 295 x 335mm.

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One of the few early map focusing on Norway

DE WIT, Frederick.

Norwegia Regnum Divisum in suos Doeceses Nidrosiensem, Bergensem, Opsloensem, et Stavangriensem et Praefecturam Bahusiae...
Amsterdam, c.1688. Original colour. 595 x 515mm.

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Decorative map of Norway

HOMANN, Johann Baptist.

Regni Norvegiae Accurata Tabula in qua Praefecturae quinque Generales Aggerhusiensis Bergensis Nidrosiensis Wardhusiensis et Bahusienis...
Nuremberg, 1720. Original colour. 600 x 500mm.

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An 18th century map of Norway

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Regnum Norwegiae accurata et novissima Delineatione...
Augsburg, c.1771. Original body colour. 590 x 505mm.

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The Natural History of Norway, including sea-monsters!


The Natural History of Norway: containing, A particular and accurate Account of the Temperature of the Air, the different Soils, Waters, Vegetables, Metals, Minerals, Stones, Beasts, Birds, and Fishes; together with the Dispositions, Customs, and Manner of Living of the Inhabitants...
London: A. Linde, 1755. Folio, rebound in full calf gilt with original front board, marbled edges; two parts in one; pp. xxiv + 206 + viii + 292 + (xi)(index); coloured folding map, 27 engr. plates and a plan, as called for.

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18th century map of Norway


Norwege pars Robert de Vaugondy ...
Paris, 1795. Original colour. 260 x 235mm.

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