Dutch sea chart of the harbour of Gibraltar

KEULEN, Johannes van.

Nieuwe en seer nette Caart van de Baay en Stadt Gibraltar , Geteekent door Wel Ed:e H.r H. Leysnslager Cap:t in't Edel Moogende Collegie ter Admiraliteyt alhier.
Amsterdam, c.1730. 500 x 590mm.

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The British capture of Gibraltar in 1704


Gibraltar ist ein auf des Berg Calpe...
Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, c.1720. Etching, 430 x 400mm.

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Early 18th century engraving showing the Relief of Gibraltar in 1705


Il Felice Soccorso della Fortezza di Gibilterra..
Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, c.1720. Etching, 430 x 400mm.

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The Relief of Gibraltar by Admiral Leake


Die Gluckliche Entsezung der Haupt Vetung Gibraltar...
Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, c.1720. Etching, 430 x 400mm.

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Dutch broadsheet of the Anglo-Spanish War, 1727-9

LETH, Andries de.

Niew en Seer Naw Keurig Corecte Plan van Gibraltar...
Amsterdam, Andries & Hendrick de Leth, 1727. 410 x 575mm plus separate letterpress sheet.

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An early 18th century map of Gibraltar

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Accurata Designatio Celebris Freti prope Andalusiae Castellum Gibraltar...
Augsburg, c.1730. Original body colour. 500 x 580mm.

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Plan of Gibraltar in 1738

BASIRE, James.

Plan of the Town and Fortifications of Gibraltar, exactly taken on the Spot in the Year 1738. For Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England.
London: John and Paul Knapton, 1744-7. Coloured. 380 x 595mm.

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18th century Dutch sea chart of the Strait of Gibraltar.

TIRION, Isaak.

Nieuwe Zeekaart van de Straat van Gibraltar ...
Amsterdam, 1759. Original colour. 400 x 430mm.

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A very scarce Spanish broadside about Gibraltar


Mapa de la Ciudad, Y Famosa Plaza de Armas de Gibraltar, segun sus novissimas Fortificaciones...
Seville: Francisco Sanchez Reciente, c.1760. 215 x 330mm, set in letterpress, bissected and laid on card covered with blue paper, canvas hinge, total 340 x 515mm, with silk hanging rings.

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Gibraltar during the Seven Years' War


Plan of Gibraltar. Gentleman's Magazine 1762.
London, 1762. Coloured. 185 x 445mm.

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A sea chart of the currents in the Staits of Gibraltar

LODGE, John.

An Accurate Chart of the Straits of Gibraltar, with the Settings of the Different Tides, on the Spanish and Barbary Shores.
London: John Bew, 1782. Coloured. 390 x 370mm.

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