St Petersburg

18th century plan of Saint Petersburg

ALBRIZZI, Girolamo.

Pianta della citta di S. Peterburgo
Venice: Albrizzi, 1750. Coloured. 165 x 195mm.

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Italian town plan of St. Petersburg


Pianta della Citta di S.Peterburg.
Italy, c. 1760. Copper engraving, 155 x 185mm.

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View of the Old Stock Exchange, St Petersburg


La Bourse.
c.1840. Coloured lithograph. Printed area 245 x 340mm.

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18th century plan of St Petersburg


Plan of St Petersburg With It's Fortifications Built by Peter The Great in 1703. [with] The Harbour of Crownslot; Riva Neva; Canal made from the said River to the R. Wolschowa.
London, 1749. 190 x 245mm.

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18th century town plan of St Petersburg

HAAS, Johann Matthias.

Accurater Grundris der Kayserlichen Residentz Stadt St. Petersburg. 1750.
Hamburg, c.1750. 280 x 340mm.

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A detailed plan of St Petersburg in the 1820's

HALL, Sidney.

St. Petersburgh.
London; Henry Colburn, New Burlington St, Aug, 1828. Coloured. 310 x 385mm.

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Complete set of ten views of St Petersburg by Lespinasse

LESPINASSE, Louis Nicolas de.

[St Petersburg.]
Paris & Versailles: Printed by Clousier for Blaizot, Froulle and Maradan, 1783-94. Ten engraved plates, largest 255 x 670mm.

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View of Kronstadt


Cronstadt, from the Bay of St Petersburg...
London, Read & Co. 31 May 1854. 305 x 430mm.

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A map of the sea approaches to St Petersburg

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Accurata Delineatio Sinus Finnici Cronstadio Petropolin usque, una cum locis amoenis in litore ejus exstructis ad exemplar Petropolitanum calamo expressit.
Augsburg, c.1740. Original colour. 500 x 580mm.

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A plan of St Petersburg from Russian Sources

SEUTTER, Matthäus.

Topographia Sedis Imperatoriæ Moscovitarum Petropolis anno 1744 jam publici juris facta...
Augsburg, 1744. Original body colour. 505 x 580mm.

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Detailed chart of the approaches to St Petersburg


The Bay of St. Petersburg from the Russian Survey.
London: the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1854. 475 x 630mm.

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Plan of the defences of Kronstadt during the Crimean War

WYLD, James.

Cronstadt in the Baltic with the Fortifications, Batteries & Range of the Guns, &c.
London: Wyld, 1854. Lithographic map with original hand colour. Printed area 250 x 470mm.

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