World Maps

The 15th century Borgia Mappa Mundi


Mappamondo intagliato in rame, specie di lavoro damaschinato XV.o Secolo.
Italian, c.1800. 360 x 235mm.

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One of the earliest world maps available to the collector

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann.

Secunda etas mundi.
Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493, Latin text edition. Coloured woodcut, printed area 370 x 520mm.

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A 16th century Bohemian edition of Lufft's 'Daniel's Dream' world map with fantastical creatures

LUFFT, Hans.

[World map illustrating Daniel's Dream.]
Prague: Jiri Melantrich, c.1549, Czech text edition. Woodcut 115 x 160mm, with extra woodcut borders and letterpress text underneath.

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The most decorative Ptolemaic world map


Universalis Tabula Iuxta Ptolemaeum.
Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius Jnr, 1618. Coloured. 350 x 490mm, with wide margins.

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Rumold Mercator's important world map


Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio Quam ex Magna Universali Gerardi Mercatoris Domino Richard Gartho, Geographie ac ceterarum bonarum artium amatori ac fautori summo, in veteris amicitie ac familiaritatis memoria Rumoldus Mercator sieri curabat A.o M.D.LXXXVII.
Amsterdam, 1606. Coloured. 285 x 515mm.

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A world map celebrating the voyage of Willem Schouten

DE BRY, Johann Theodore.

[Guilhelmi Schouten in australem oceanum expeditio.]
Oppenheim: de Bry, c.1619. Engraved map 170 x 210mm, set in letterpress.

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A world map with portraits of the Twelve Cæsars

VISSCHER, Claes Janszoon.

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula.
Amsterdam, 1652. Fine original colour. 445 x 560mm.

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Pair of 17th century world maps in Coronelli's unique style

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria.

Planisfero del Mondo Nouvo...; Planisfero de Mondo Vecchio...
Venice, c.1690. Coloured. Two sheets, each c.460 x 620mm.

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An uncommon Ptolemaic world map

BERTIUS, Petrus.

Pinax Ptolemaicus Chlamydoeides..
Paris, c.1645. Old colour. 160 x 200mm.

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Mercator's map of the Ptolemaic World


Universalis Tabula Iuxta Ptolemaeum.
Leiden, c.1700. Coloured. 350 x 490mm.

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Early 18th century double-hemisphere world map

FER, Nicolas de.

Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale de la Terre...
Paris, 1705. 230 x 345mm.

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Early 18th century double-hemisphere map of the world

BAECK, Elias.

Mapemonde Planisphere ou Carte Generale du Monde.
Augsburg, c.1710. Coloured. 160 x 215mm.

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A mid-18th century double-hemisphere world map

BION, Nicolas.

Mappe-Monde, ou Carte Generale Du Monde En Deux Plans Hemisphere. Suivant la projection de Mr. de la Hire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, et sur les memoires des Scavans Voyageurs 1744.
Paris, c.1744. Coloured. 165 x 265mm.

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18th century miniature double hemisphere world

LA FEUILLE, Daniel de.

Mapemonde Planisphere ou Carte Generale Du Monde.
Amsterdam, Jeanne de la Feuille, c.1720. Coloured. 130 x 220mm.

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Uncommon world map with superb rococo borders


Mappe Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre...
Paris, 1743. Original outline colour. 470 x 740mm.

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Double-hemisphere world with allegorical figures of the Continents

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis.

Mappe Monde qui Comprend les Nouvelles découvertes faites jusqu'a ce jour.
Paris, 1748. Coloured. 225 x 300mm.

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A mid 18th century double-hemisphere world map

JAGEN, Jan van.

[Untitled world map.]
Amsterdam, Keur, 1748. Coloured. 300 x 450mm.

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A mid-18th century double-hemisphere world map

DELISLE, Guillaume.

Mappemonde à l'usage du Roy Augmentée en 1755 des Nouvelles Découveries.
Paris: Philippe, Buache, 1755. Coloured. 445 x 680mm.

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18th century double-hemisphere world map

MONATH, Peter Conrad.

Typus Orbis Terrarum.
Nuremberg, 1758. Original colour. 265 x 295mm.

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A decorative 18th century double-hemisphere world map

HUBNER, Johann.

[Untitled world map.] Tab. I. ad Geograph. et Astronom.
Leipzig: Hubner, c.1760. Coloured. 205 x 240mm.

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An unusual broadsheet map of the world with a usage guide


Carte General du Globe Terrestre, Construite et publiée par le S.r Isaac Brouckner, Géographe de S.M.T.C. Examinée et approuvée par Mr. Daniel Bernoulli.
Basle: Jean-Jacques Schorndorff, 1755. Map 235 x 355mm, with letterpress underneath, total sheet size 535 x 380mm.

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18th century double-hemisphere world map


Mappe-Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre...
Paris: 1762. Coloured, 310 x 460mm.

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A French map of the world on Mercator's Projection


Mappe Monde suivant la projection des cartes reduites. 1778
Paris, c.1778. Coloured. 260 x 410mm.

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A double-hemisphere world map with Cook's three voyages

MILLAR, George H.

A New and Accurate Map of the World, Comprehending all the New Discoveries, in Both Hemispheres; carefully brought down to the Present Year 1782.
London, c.1782. Coloured. 305 x 470mm.

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18th century double-hemisphere world map


Mappe-Monde Dressée pour l'étude de la Geographie...
Paris, Desnos, 1786. Original colour. 280 x 315mm.

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A four-sheet double-hemisphere world map

DUNN, Samuel.

A General Map of the World, or Terraqueous Globe with all the New Discoveries and Marginal Delineations, containing the most interesting particulars in the Solar, Starry and Mundane System.
London: Robert Sayer, 1787. Original colour with additions. Four sheets conjoined, total 1030 x 1230mm.

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The World as known to the Ancients

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria.

Mappa Mondo Antico Diviso Nell'Uno e nell'Altro Continente secondo la mente di Guglielmo Sanson.
Rome, 1801. 360 x 510mm.

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A striking wall map of the world at the end of the 18th century

BOWLES, Carington.

Bowles's New Four-Sheet Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Exhibiting the Several Quarters of the Globe divided into their respective Empires, Kingdoms, States, &c. agreeable to the latest Treaties and Political Regulations now existing; Together with All the New Discoveries and most interesting Tracks of those eminent Circumnavigators Cook, Byron, Bougainville &c. &c.
London: Bowles & Carver, c.1802. Original wash colour lightly refreshed. Four sheets conjoined, total 1020 x 1180mm.

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A decorative early 19th century world map

LAPIE, Pierre.

Mappe-Mondes sur Diverses Projections.
Paris, c. 1812. Coloured. 360 x 540mm.

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Early 19th century double-hemisphere world map

MANNERT, Konrad.

Die Erde in Zwey Halbkugeln...
Nuremberg, Homann Heirs, 1813. Coloured. 425 x 620mm.

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A double-hemisphere map of the world on two sheets

LAS CASAS, Emmanuel.

[World] Mappa A. Mappa B.
Venice, G. Tasso, 1832. Original colour. Map 375 x 630mm, with two panels of text, total 375 x 930m.

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The Earth as a celestial object

DE LA BECHE, Henry Thomas.

The Earth Supposed to be seen from Space.
London: Charles Knight, 1834. Mezzotint, 230 x 145mm.

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The smallest world map we've ever had!

HATFIELD, William.

The Globe in Miniature on a Horizontal Projection (containing upwards of 1000 Letters) Engraved within the Space of a Sixpence by W. Hatfield.
London: J.W. Wood, 1846. Engraved map on porcelain card, sheet 60 x 90mm.

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Decorative 19th century world map


Paris, Pelissier, c.1845. Original colour. 310 x 410mm.

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Pair of 19th century map of the world's hemispheres


Western Hemisphere. [&] Eastern Hemisphere.
London, J. & F. Tallis, 1851. Original outline colour. Pair of steel engravings, each c. 260 x 350mm.

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Mid-19th century map of the World


The World on Mercator's Projection.
London, John Tallis & Co., 1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 250 x 320mm.

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The Eastern Hemisphere


Eastern Hemisphere.
London, J. & F. Tallis, 1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 265 x 330mm.

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A Spanish geological world map

MORALES, Jose Pilar.

Mapa Geologico del Globo
Spain: Astort Hernandos, c.1880. Sheet size 590 x 770 mm.

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A late-19th century double-hemisphere world map in Cyrillic


[Cyrillic - Western Hemisphere. Eastern Hemisphere.]
St Petersburg, c.1890. Chromolithographic map, dissected and laid on linen as issued, total 910 x 1610mm.

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A rare American missionary map on linen

OHMAN, August R.

Missionary Map of the World Showing the Prevailing Religions of its Various Nations and the Central Stations of All Protestant Missionary Societies.
New York: August R. Ohman & Co. Inc, c.1906. Colour-printed wood engraving on two linen sheets stitched together, total 1250 x 2120mm.

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''In the Claws of the British''


Bajo la Zarpa Británica. Breve Historia del Militarismo Inglés.
German, F. Haase, c.1914. Lithograph with letterpress, Sheet 810 x 1120mm.

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Souvenir flag for the Silver Jubilee of George V & Queen Mary


Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. 1910-1935.
1935. Colour-printed wood engraving on linen. 570 x 820mm.

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Souvenir flag for the Coronation of Edward VIII with a map of the British Empire


Coronation King Edward VIII. 1937.
Printed 1936. Colour-printed wood engraving on linen. 540 x 840mm.

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A graphic map of the world's tropical diseases


World Map of the Major Tropical Diseases.
New York: Time Inc., 1944. Colour lithograohic map. Sheet 355 x 520mm.

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A map of the British Empire for an Australian insurance company

BACON, George Washington.

The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited. Map of the World Showing the British Empire.
London: G.W. Bacon & Co Ltd, 1948. Colour printed map with a calendar. 690 x 505mm, on metal stretchers.

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A world map as a chocolatier's competition


Le Tour du Monde en 120 images Grand Concours du Chocalat Menier.
Paris: Chocolat Menier, 1956. Poster map, sheet 645 x 995mm.

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