Near East Maps

Rare 16th century map of the near East & Persia

DE JODE, Gerard.

Primæ Partis Asiæ acurata delineatio...
Antwerp, 1593, Latin text edition. Original colour. 300 x 505mm.

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The rare English edition of Linschoten's chart of the Middle East

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van.

Deliniantur in hac tabula, Orae maritimae Abexiae freti Mecani: al. Maris Rubri: Arabiae, Ormi, Persiae... The description of the coast of Abex, The Straights of Meca, otherwise called the Red Sea, the coastes of Arabia, Ormus, and Persia, to the River of Sinde of the River Indus, of Bambaia, India, and Malabar, The Ilands of Ceilon, Choramandel, The Riber Ganges, and the kingdome of Bengala, As allso the scituation of the Creekes, Cliffes, Banckes, Shallowes, and deptthes upon or along by said coastes, with the right name of every place, as they are called by the Portingale Pilots, all truly described.
London: John Wolfe, 1598. Coloured. 375 x 515mm.

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A 16th century miniature map of the Turkish Empire


Turcicum Imperium.
Amsterdam, Cornelis Claez, 1599, Dutch text edition. 85 x 125mm, with letterpress surtitle and pagination.

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Early 17th century map of the Turkish Empire

HONDIUS, Jodocus.

Turcicum Imperium.
Arnhem, c.1607, Latin text edition. 150 x 185mm, set in text.

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Du Val's scarce folio map of the Turkish Empire

DU VAL, Pierre.

L'Empire des Turcs, en Europ, en Asie, et en Afrique, avecque les priciplaes Routes qu'y tiennent les Caravanes.
Paris, c.1671. Original outline colour. 380 x 535mm.

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A two-sheet map of the Turkish Empire

JAILLOT, Alexis-Hubert.

Estats del'Empire du Grand Seigneur des Turcs, en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique...
Paris, 1681. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 580 x 880mm.

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17th century map of the Turkish Empire

DE WIT, Frederick.

Turcicum Imperium.
Amsterdam, c.1688. Fine original colour. 455 x 555mm.

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The lands mentioned in the Bible

SANSON, Nicolas.

Geographiae Sacrae ex Veteri, et Novo Testamento desumptae Tabula Prima, quae Totius Orbis Patres coninet.
Amsterdam: François Halma, 1704. Coloured. 385 x 530mm.

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A scarce two-sheet map of the Turkish Empire

VISSCHER, Nicolas.

Magni Turcarum Domini Imperium in Europa, Asia, et Africa...
Amsterdam, Pieter Schenk II, c.1730. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 505 x 845mm.

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An English two-sheet map of the Turkish Empire

MOLL, Herman.

The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa, Divided into all its Governments, together with the Other Territories that are Tributary to it, as also the Dominions of ye Emperor of Marocco.
London: Herman Moll, John Bowles, Thomas Bowles & John King, c.1730. Original colours. Two sheets conjoined as issued total 610 x 1010mm.

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18th century map of the Near East and Central Asia

TIRION, Isaak.

Irak Arabi Kurdistan Diarbek Turcomannia Siria, e Palestina.
Venice: Giovanni Battista Albrizzi, 1742. Coloured. 300 x 360mm.

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Map of the Empire of Alexander the Great


Antiquor? Imperiorum Tabula, in quâ prae coeteris, Macedonicum seu Alexandri Magni Imperium et Expeditiones exarantur.
Paris, 1753. Coloured. 485 x 625mm.

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The Turkish Empire

ELWE, Jan Barent.

Estats de l'Empire du Grand Seigneur des Turcs...
Amsterdam, 1792. Original body colour. 460 x 615mm.

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Uncommon 2-sheet map of the Turkish Empire

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria.

Gli Imperi Antichi Parte Occidentale; Gli Imperi Antichi Parte Orientale.
Rome, 1800. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 500 x 690mm.

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A large and detailed early 19th century map of the Ottoman Empire


Carte de l'Empire Ottoman Comprenant les Possessions de la Porte en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique; Avec les Parties Limitrophes de l'Arabie, de la Perse, de la Russie et de l'Empire Austriche. Dressée par Nöel et Vivien, Geographes; et Gravée par Giraldon-Bovinet.
Paris: Giralden Bouvinet &, 1825. Original outline colour. Twelve sheets conjoined, total 1190 x 1300mm.

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Eastern Mediterranean with Cyprus


Syria, Palaestina, Asiae Minoris Pars, Aegyptus Inferior...
Germany, 1827. Coloured. 430 x 430 mm.

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The Passage to India as the Suez Canal opened

WYLD, James.

Map of the Countries between England and India Designed to shew the Over-Land and Sea Routes to the East. The Line of Communication with our Indian Possessions and the relative position of Russia to England and Hindostan.
London: Wyld, c.1850. Original colour. 665 x 840mm.

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A map of the Ottoman Empire during the 'Great Eastern Crisis'


Stanford's Map of Turkey in Europe and Her Tributary States; together with such parts of Russia, Austria, Turkey in Asia & Persia as more more immediately concerned in the settlement of The Eastern Question.
London: Stanford, 1877. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued. total 755 x 1100mm, folded into the original covers.

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A children's map of the oilfields of the Near East


Le Vie del Petrolio nel Medio Oriente.
Milan, c.1955. Colour-printed map. Sheet 390 x 560mm.

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