North Italy

A separately published map of Lombardy


La Nuova Deschricione della Anno 1693.
Venice: Domenico Lovisa, 1693. Two sheet conjoined, total 485 x 740mm.

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The War of the Spanish Succession in Northern Italy

SCHENK, Pieter.

Sedes Belli in Italia, Comprehendens Ducatus Mediolanensem, Parmensem, ac Genuensem...
Amsterdam c.1705. Fine original colour. 570 x 485mm.

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A two-sheet old map of the Po River

CERRUTI, Agostino.

Cursus Fluminis Padi vel Po per Longobardiam a fonte usque ad Ostia...
Nuremberg, Homann Heirs, 1735. Original colour with additions. Two sheets conjoined, total 520 x 1155mm.

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An 18th century wall map of the Kingdom of Sardinia

CAROLI, Francesco de.

Carta degli stati di S.M. il Re di Sardegna e parte de paesi ad essi confinanti rettificata nella Regia Topografia.
Turin, c.1779. Four sheets conjoined, total 745 x 860mm.

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Showing Napoleon's invasion of Italy in 1796


Neue Karte von den Italianischen Kriegs Schauplatze 1796.
German, c.1796. Original outline colour. 320 x 330mm.

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An important wall map of the Kingdom of Sardinia

BORGONIO, Giovanni Tommaso.

Carta Corografica degli Stati di S.M. il re di Sardegna data in luce dall'Ingegnere Borgonio nel 1683 corretta ed accresciuta nell'anno 1772. Jacobus Stagnonus incidit Taurini 1772.
Paris: Jean Goujon, c.1801. 25 sheets, dissected and laid on linen in four sections, as issued, total area 2030 x 1520mm. With the original calf gilt box, worn.

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Mid-19th century map of Northern Italy with vignettes


Northern Italy.
London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Steel engraving with original outline colour, printed area 250 x 320mm.

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Aerial view of the Second Italian War of Independence

PACKER, Thomas.

Stannard and Dixon's Panoramic Birds Eye View of the Seat of War showing the Kingdom of Sardinia with its Principal Cities, Roads, Railways, Fortresses & Strategic Defences, the Route of the Austrian's Approach over the Buffolera...
London: Stannard & Dixon, May 3rd, 1850. Tinted lithograph, dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 545 x 730mm, folded into original slipcase.

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Italy's Second War of Independence

WYLD, James.

A Map of the Theatre of War In Italy.
London: James Wyld, c.1859. Original colour. Lithograph, sheet 650 x 850mm, dissected and laid on linen, original blind-decorated cloth boards with gilt title.

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