Cartographer :Anonymous.

A 16th century woodcut map of Iberia


[Untitled map of Spain and Portugal.]
c.1560. Woodcut, sheet 150 x 205mm.

Stock ID : 21508


An unknown Italian map of Switzerland


Nuova Geografia Delli Statide XIII. Cantoni de SS.ri Suizzeri, Grigioni, Valesani, et de Princepi con, essi Confinanti 1637.
Italian, 1637. 355 x 525mm.

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A manuscript design for the new pier at Genoa


Disegno Del Nuovo Molo.
Genoa, early 18th century, two sheets each measuring 420 x 290mm

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A satirical map on the Mississippi Bubble


Afbeeldinge Van't Zeer Vermaarde Eiland Geks-Kop.
Amsterdam, 1720, 290 x 230mm.

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A scarce separate-issue map of the environs of Genoa


Carte Particuliere de Genes et de ses Environs.
Paris?, c.1720. 395 x 540mm.

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A plan of the Bosphorus


Plan von Constantinopel und dessen herumbliegender gegend.
German, c.1730. 120 x 190mm.

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A scarce bird's-eye view of Constantinople


Frankfurt: Heirs of Sigismund Latomi, 1731. 320 x 380mm.

Stock ID : 16082


An 18th century miniature map of Scotland


A Map of Scotland.
London: J. & P. Knapton et al, 1752. Printed area 110 x 65mm.

Stock ID : 22964


A map of Greece at the time of Demosthenes


Antient Greece, designed for a Translation of Demosthenes.
London: A. Millar, 1757. Coloured. 405 x 440mm.

Stock ID : 21218


Map of Martinique to illustrate news of the Seven Years' War


Martinico one of the French Caribbee Islands in the West Indies.
London: T.Kinnersley, 1759, Sheet 105 x 205mm.

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Maps of Minorca and Mahon at the end of the Seven Years' War


A New and Accurate Map of the Island of Minorca, with the Town and Harbour of Mahon, & S.t Philip's Castle, & Fortifications.
London: Edward Dilly, 1763. 240 x 205mm.

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A scarce 18th century prospect of Venice


Bassano del Grappa: Calcografica Remondini, c.1770. Original colour. Sheet 315 x 425mm.

Stock ID : 23903


A scarce 18th century German prospect of London


Londen, die vornehmste u. Residenz Stadt der Könige in Engelland.
Löbau? c.1790. 195 x 310 mm.

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Showing Napoleon's invasion of Italy in 1796


Neue Karte von den Italianischen Kriegs Schauplatze 1796.
German, c.1796. Original outline colour. 320 x 330mm.

Stock ID : 20713


Plan of Manchester & Salford


Plan von Manchester und Saalford in England.
Prague, 1810. 360 x 440mm.

Stock ID : 15436


Liverpool in 1810


Plan der Stadt Liverpool.
Prague, 1810. Coloured. 210 x 280mm.

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A satire against Napoleon printed on a handkerchief


Stage of Europe Dec.r 1812. Europaische Schaubuhne in December 1812.
English, c.1812. Cotton handkerchief printed in ochre colour. 775 x 870mm.

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Miniature map of Réunion


Ile Bourbon.
Paris, c.1820. Original colour. 110 x 120mm.

Stock ID : 13520


The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa


Vue du Clocher de la Metropolitaine de Pise.
France. c. 1820. Aquatint. 230 x 160mm.

Stock ID : 16023


A 19th century manuscript map of Corfu as a British protectorate


Isola di Corfù. Giugno 1825.
June, 1825. Pen and black and red ink, with grey and brown wash, on paper, sheet 500 x 775mm.

Stock ID : 19390


Detailed early 19th century plan of Milan


Pianta della Citta` di Milano.
Milan: Domenico Molinari, 1828. 460 x 320mm, laid on linen and folded into original boards, as issued.

Stock ID : 22914


A French almanac for 1834 with vignettes of Napoleon Bonaparte


L'Indicateur General 1834.
Paris: Binet, 1834. Original outline colour on map. 520 x 540mm.

Stock ID : 20604


A mid-19th century tourist's map of Paris


Plan Pittoresque de la Ville de Paris. Gravé sir Acier par Bénard.
Paris: Fatout, 1842. Steel engraving, dissected and laid on linen, total 545 x 865mm.

Stock ID : 22987


A 19th century Greek-themed 'Goose Game'


Jeu de l'oie. Renouvelé des Grecs.
Metz: Paulin Didion, c. 1855. 390 x 520mm.

Stock ID : 18776


Urban planning in Erith during the Age of the Railway


Plan of Part of the Lesney Estate, Erith, Kent, The Property of Captain Wheatley, shewing proposed alterations and building arrangement of about 250 acres of land To be Let on Lease for 99 Years at a very moderate Ground Rent.
London, c.1873. Tinted lithographic map. Sheet 690 x 990mm.

Stock ID : 16089


A Spanish satire on the Channel Tunnel attempt of 1882


El Loro. ¡ yees! mi temer una invasion. [My fear is invasion!]
Barcelona: V. Perez, 1882. 4pp. Double page chromolithograph with wood-engraved heading on verso

Stock ID : 19850


Scarce advertising orange crate label featuring Brooklyn Bridge


The Great East River Suspension Bridge. 160 Guy Pope Messina.
Messina: Daniele Enrico Bühring, c.1885. Chromolithograph, printed area 265 x 445mm.

Stock ID : 20527


An Italian Serio-Comic map of Europe during the Great War


L'Europa nel 1915.
Milan: Luigi Ronchi di Candido Varoli, 1915. Chromolithograph, sheet 450 x 650mm.

Stock ID : 22636


A British WWI propaganda poster for Italian readers


Il Calamaro o' 'Pesce Diavolo' Prussiano.
London: printed by H. & C. Graham for the War Office, 1916. Lithograph, sheet 385 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 18748


A map of the Underground for the British Empire Exhibition


Metropolitan Railway and Connections. How to get to and from the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley Park. Under Cover All The Way.
London: Metropolitan Railway, 1925. Lithographic map, printed in red and blue. Sheet 110 x 150mm, folded twice.

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