Cartographer :BLOME, Richard.

A 17th century English map of Russia

BLOME, Richard.

A Mapp of the Estates of the Great Duke of Russia, Blanch or Moscovia, Designed by Mouns.r Sanson Geographer to the French King; and Rendred into English by Ric: Blome. By his Majesties Espetial Command... 1669.
London, 1670. 290 x 410mm.

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17th century map of Eastern and Southern Africa

BLOME, Richard.

A Mapp of the Higher and Lower Aethiopia, Comprehending ye Several Kingdomes, &c. in each. To Witt, in the Empire of the Abissines, The Coast of Zanguebar, Abex, and Aian, with the Kingdomes of Nubia, and Biafara, &c. In the Lower Aethiopia The Kingdom of Congo, ye Empire of the Monomotapa and Monoemugy, ye Coast and Landes of Cafres, and of this side Cape Negres, With the Isles of Madagascar, &c.
London, 1670. Coloured 305 x 410mm.

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The first folio map of Tartary engraved in England

BLOME, Richard.

A General Mapp of the Kingdoms of Tartaria. Designed by Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King, and Rendred into English by Rick: Blome: by his Ma.tys Especiall Command.
London, 1670. 265 x 400mm.

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17th century map of Monmouthshire

BLOME, Richard.

A Map of ye County of Monmouth Shire with Hundreds..
London, c.1673. Coloured. 320 x 260mm.

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17th century map of Oxfordshire

BLOME, Richard.

A Generall Mapp of the County of Oxford, With its Hundreds, by Ric. Blome, by his Maty. Especiall Command.
London, c.1673. Coloured. 325 x 285mm.

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An uncommon English map of the Holy Land

BLOME, Richard.

Canaan commonly called the Holy Land or the Land of Promise being ye Possession of ye Israelites & travelled through by our Lord & Saviour Iesus Christ and his Apostles.
London, c.1687. Coloured. 270 x 460mm.

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