Cartographer :BOWEN, Emanuel.

18th century English map of the East Indies

BOWEN, Emanuel.

An Accurate Map of the East Indies Exhibiting the Course of the European Trade both on the Continent and Islands.
London, 1752. Coloured. 380 x 460mm.

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18th century English map of China

BOWEN, Emanuel.

A New & Accurate Map of China, Drawn from Surveys made by the Jesuit Missionaries, by order of the Emperor..
London, 1748. Coloured. 350 x 450mm.

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18th century English map of Japan

BOWEN, Emanuel.

A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan Laid down from the Memoirs of the Portuguese and Dutch; and particularly from the Jesuit Missionaries...
London, 1747. Coloured. 365 x 445mm.

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Map of Switzerland with a plan of Geneva

BOWEN, Emanuel.

A New & Accurate map of Switzerland with its Allies and Subjects. Composed from ye most approv'd maps &c. and regulated by astronom.l observat.ns By Emanl. Bowen..
London, c .1747. Coloured. 325 x 230mm.

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18th century English Map of Europe

BOWEN, Emanuel.

A New and Accurate Map of Europe Drawn from the best Authorities, Assisted by the most approv'd Modern Maps & Charts. The whole being regulated & Adjusted by Astron. Observations.
London, c.1744. Coloured. 365 x 555mm.

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The first English map of the continent of Australia

BOWEN, Emanuel.

A Complete Map of the Southern Continent. Survey'd by Capt. Abel Tasman & depicted by Order of the East India Company in Holland in the Stadt House in Amsterdam.
London, 1744. Coloured. 380 x 490mm.

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