Cartographer :GILL, Leslie MacDonald.

Early poster map of London's Underground exhibited by Gill himself

GILL, Leslie MacDonald.

In The Heat Of The Summer You Will Find Me Cool In The Cold Of The Winter Find Me Warm Come Down Underground You've Bought Your Ticket? Your Health Man I'm Thinking No Longer 'Twill Stick It For Cheapness Celerity What Else Can Compare You Are Fed Up Above Feed Below On Our Fare'.
London: Underground Electric Railways Company of London, 1922. 1015 x 1270mm. With exhibition label with Gill's name and address on reverse.

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Map of London's Underground as run by separate companies

GILL, Leslie MacDonald.

Map of the Underground Railways of London.
London: Waterlow & Sons Ltd for Electric Railway House, c.1923. 365 x 440mm

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A leaflet map of the London Underground

GILL, Leslie MacDonald.

Map of the UndergrounD Railways of London.
London: Dangerfield Printing Co., August 1925. Folding map, with card covers, 210 x 255mm.

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A vivid poster map advertising the GPO's communication network

GILL, Leslie MacDonald.

Post Office Radio-Telephone Services.
London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1935. Colour lithograph, 990 x 1230mm.

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