Cartographer :HOOGHE, Romeyn de.

A fine prospect of the Savoyard fortress of Montmélian

HOOGHE, Romeyn de.

Arx et Oppidum Montismeliani.
Amsterdam: Adriaan Moetjens, 1697. Etching, 470 x 585mm.

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A monumental sea chart of south-east England

HOOGHE, Romeyn de.

Carte Nouvelle des Costes d'Angleterre depuis la Riviere de la Tamise jusques à Portland..
Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1693. Original colour refreshed, with gold highlights. Two sheets conjoined, total 600 x 950mm.

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Atlas title page by a Dutch Old Master etcher

HOOGHE, Romeyn de.

Atlas Novus ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis. Atlas Francois...
Amsterdam: Jean Covens & Cornelle Mortier, c.1720. 495 x 290mm.

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