Cartographer :LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van.

The rare English edition of Linschoten's chart of the Middle East

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van.

Deliniantur in hac tabula, Orae maritimae Abexiae freti Mecani: al. Maris Rubri: Arabiae, Ormi, Persiae... The description of the coast of Abex, The Straights of Meca, otherwise called the Red Sea, the coastes of Arabia, Ormus, and Persia, to the River of Sinde of the River Indus, of Bambaia, India, and Malabar, The Ilands of Ceilon, Choramandel, The Riber Ganges, and the kingdome of Bengala, As allso the scituation of the Creekes, Cliffes, Banckes, Shallowes, and deptthes upon or along by said coastes, with the right name of every place, as they are called by the Portingale Pilots, all truly described.
London: John Wolfe, 1598. Coloured. 375 x 515mm.

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Early map of Tercera

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van.

A Cidade de Angra na Ilha de Iesu Xpo Da Tercera.
Frankfurt: Johann Theodore de Bry, 1601. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 395 x 560mm.

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