Cartographer :MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio.

16th century map of Taprobana

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio.

Tabula Asiae XII.
Venice: Heirs of Simon Galignani, 1596, First edition. 135 x 180mm.

Stock ID : 18783


A 16th century woodcut diagram of the Winds

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio.

[The Winds.]
Venice: the Galignani brothers, 1596. Woodcut, set in letterpress, sheet 225 x 165mm.

Stock ID : 18648


Abruzzo from the first printed atlas of Italy

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio.

Abruzzo Citra, et Ultra.
Venice: Fabio Magini, 1620. Coloured. Sheet 380 x 465mm.

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A 17th century old map of Italy according to Ptolemy

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio.

Italia Antica di Cl: Tolomeo
Venice: Fabio Magini, 1620. Coloured Sheet 335 x 470mm.

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