Cartographer :MOLL, Herman.

A detailed 18th century two-sheet map of Scotland

MOLL, Herman.

The North Part of Great Britain called Scotland.
London: Moll, John Bowles & Thomas Bowles & John King, c.1720. Coloured. Printed on two sheets and conjoined, total 600 x 1000mm.

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An 18th century map of Indochina

MOLL, Herman.

India beyond Ganges. Agreable to Modern History.
London, c.1727. Coloured. 260 x 205mm.

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An 18th century two-sheet map of Africa

MOLL, Herman.

To the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Peterborow and Monmouth, &c. This Map of Africa According to ye Newest and most Exact observations is most humbly Dedicated...
London, John Bowles, Thomas Bowles & Philip Overton, c.1732. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 960 x 580mm.

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