Cartographer :PACKER, Thomas.

Aerial view of the Second Italian War of Independence

PACKER, Thomas.

Stannard and Dixon's Panoramic Birds Eye View of the Seat of War showing the Kingdom of Sardinia with its Principal Cities, Roads, Railways, Fortresses & Strategic Defences, the Route of the Austrian's Approach over the Buffolera...
London: Stannard & Dixon, May 3rd, 1850. Tinted lithograph, dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 545 x 730mm, folded into original slipcase.

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Ariel view of Helsinki and the Fortress of Sveaborg during the Crimean War

PACKER, Thomas.

Panoramic View of the Fortress of Sveaborg, Commanding the Entrance to the Town and Harbour of Helsingfors in the Gulf of Finland. The Fortress of Sveaborg is built on seven rocky islands, through which lies the only channel for shipping. They mount upwards of 2000 guns, most of which can be bought to bear upon vessels entering the harbour. The islands are connected my means of wooden bridges & most of the batteries are bomb proof. The harbour & town of Helsingfors are the great commercial depôt of the trade & commerce of Northern Russia. Projected from illuminated charts & Imperial Russian surveys recently published at St Petersburg.
London, Stannard & Dixon, 1855. Tinted lithograph, printed area 485 x 690mm.

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