Cartographer :WEIGEL, Christoph.

A map of classical Arabia

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Arabia Veteris Typus.
Nuremberg, 1712. Original body colour. 320 x 390mm.

Stock ID : 22657


Decorative 18th century map of Ireland

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Regni Hiberniae accurata tabula oer Hermañum Moll recognita...
Nuremberg, c.1718. Original body colour. 395 x 330mm.

Stock ID : 17561


Early 18th century map of Sardinia

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Regni Sardiniae descriptio...
Nuremberg, c.1720. Original body colour. 405 x 325mm.

Stock ID : 17625


An early 18th century circular list of monarchs and popes, with a moving arm

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Discus Chronologicus in quo Omnes Imperatores et Reges orbis Europaei...
Nuremberg, c.1720. Original wash colour. 510 x 485mm, with printed rotating arm.

Stock ID : 22160


18th century map of Africa

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Africae emendata Descriptio.
Nuremberg, ca. 1720. Original colour. 125 x 180mm.

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Miniature map of Asia with fine colour

WEIGEL, Christoph.

Asiae Nova Delineatio
Nuremberg, 1738. Original colour. 125 x 175mm.

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