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18th century map of the Galapagos Islands

BOWEN, Emanuel.

The Gallapagos Islands Discovered and Described by Capt. Cowley in 1684.

London, 1725. 325 x 205mm.

Stock ID : 19825


18th century decorative map of Ireland


L'Irlande divisée Par Provinces Civiles et Ecclesiastiques.

Paris, Desnos, 1766. Original wash colour. 285 x 485mm,

Stock ID : 7547


Bibliography of map of Sussex


Printed Maps of Sussex 1575-1900.

Lewes: Sussex Record Society, 1982. 8vo, cloth & d/w; pp. xxxvii + 439, 40 half-tone plates. With loose corrigenda slip.

Stock ID : 8084


The story of the Spanish Armada from the House of Lords tapestries

PINE, John.

The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords: Representing the several Engagements Between the English and Spanish Fleets. In the ever memorable Year MDLXXXVIII...

London, John Pine, 1739. Later full calf gilt, marbled edges; engr. title, dedication, pp. (ii) (list of subscribers) + 24, engr. map, 10 maritime views, 10 charts printed in pairs, the views and charts printed in blue within black separately-printed decorative borders.

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18th century map of China

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas.

L'Empire de La Chine...

Paris, 1748. Coloured. 300 x 415mm.

Stock ID : 16821


A readable account of 20th century maps


Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line.

London: British Library, 2016. 4to, cloth and illustrated d/w; pp. 256, profusely illustrated.

Stock ID : 18242


Miniature map of Russia

MALLET, Alain Manesson.


Paris: Denys Thierry, c. 1683, coloured, 145 x 110mm.

Stock ID : 18373


London at the beginning of the 18th century

FER, Nicolas de.

Plan des Villes de Londres et de Westminster et de leurs Faubourgs avec le Bourg de Southwark.

Paris, 1705. 225 x 340mm. With a separate sheet of descriptive text.

Stock ID : 18420


A fine prospect of Jacobean London

MERIAN, Mattheus.


Frankfurt, c.1650. Two sheets conjoined, total 220 x 700mm.

Stock ID : 18489


Large and detailed 19th century map of New Zealand

WYLD, James.

To the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Colonies &c. &c. &c.This Chart of New Zealand from Original Surveys Is respectfully Dedicated by His very obedient Servant James Wyld.

London, c.1870. Original colour. 810 x 580mm.

Stock ID : 19571


17th century map of China

CLUVER, Philip.

Imperii Sinarum Nova Descriptio.

Wolfenbüttel, c. 1680. Coloured. 210 x 255mm.

Stock ID : 19619


View of Georgian London from the north

HOGG, Alexander.

A General View of London, the Capital of England - Taken from an eminence near Islington.

London, 1796. Coloured. 195 x 300mm.

Stock ID : 19622


The First Printed Map of Cook's Strait

COOK, Captain James.

Chart of Cook's Strait in New Zealand.

London: Strachan & Cadell, 1773. 280 x 290mm.

Stock ID : 19623


A travelling map of London

KITCHIN, Thomas.

A New and Correct Plan of the Cities of London, Westminster, and the Borough of Southward wherein all the Streets, Roads, Churches, Public Buildings &c, to the Present Year are exactly Delineated.

London: Robert Sayer, 1787. Tocuhes of hand colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 450 x 710mm.

Stock ID : 19682


Victorian map of the British Empire


British Empire Throughout the World Exhibited in One View.

Edinburgh: A. Fullarton, c.1865. Lithographic map, printed in colours and hand-finished. Printed area 440 x 540mm.

Stock ID : 19724


An important 18th century map of Japan

SCHEUCHZER, Johann Caspar.

Imperium Japonicum in Sexaginta et Octo Provincias Divisum.

London, Scheuchzer, 1727. Coloured. 465 x 540mm.

Stock ID : 19726


Scarce sea chart of the harbour of Rio de Janeiro


Plan de la Baye et du Port de Rio-Janeiro Situé à la Côte du Brésil par 22d 54m 10s de Latitude Meridionale et par 45d. 5m de Longitude Occidentale Méridien de Paris. Levé Géométriquement en 1730. Vérifié par l'Auteur en 1751.

Paris, 1775. 515 x 345mm.

Stock ID : 19729


A view of Napoleon's residence in exile on St Helena

PENUTI, Fioravante.

Casa a Longwood In S. Elana Isola dell' Oceano Atlantico sotto il dominio Inglese. Dal 15 Ottobre dell'anno 1815. al 5 Maggio 1821 soggiorno prigioniero in questio luogo L'Imperatore dé Francesi Napoleone Bonaparte e vi mori il 5 Maggio suddetto....

Verona, c.1850. Coloured lithograph. Printed area 380 x 430mm.

Stock ID : 19731


A rare edition of the Cyprus map in classical times


Cyprus Insula Cujus circuitus est. Si intrentus Sinus, Stadiorum MMM CCCC XX. longitudo verõ. à Clidibus ad Acamantem Stadiorum MCCCC.

Amsterdam, c.1705. Original outline colour. 335 x 425mm.

Stock ID : 19732


Uncommon map of the Eastern Mediterranean with Cyprus

ROSACCIO, Giuseppe.

Questa Tavola e l'Antica Siria ch'era destinta in dodici Tribu hora si chiama la Soria et Terra Santa poseduta dal Turco.

Venice: Giacomo Franco, 1598. 140 x 190mm.

Stock ID : 19739


A detailed plan of Shanghai in the 1930s


[Shanhai shinchizu] The New Map of Shanghai.

Shanghai: Fusazo¯ Sugie, c.1937. Colour lithograph, sheet 535 x 770mm.

Stock ID : 19743


Striking 17th century map of the East Indies with strapwork cartouches

HONDIUS, Jodocus.

Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae In quibus Moluccae celeberrimae sunt.

Amsterdam: Henricus Hondius 1619, French text edition. Original colour. 345 x 475mm.

Stock ID : 19744


Mercator's Ptolemaic map of Arabia


Asiae VI. Tab: , Arabiam Felicem, Carmaniam ac Sinum Persicum comprehendens.

Utrecht, François Halma, c.1695. Coloured. 340 x 475mm.

Stock ID : 19745


Plan of London in the 1770s


A New Plan of London Westminster and Southwark Engraved forHistory of London'. 1772.

London, 1772. Coloured. 400 x 680mm

Stock ID : 19758


An explorer's map of north west Arabia

DOUGHTY, Charles Montague.

A Map of North Western Arabia and Negd by Charles M. Doughty 1884.

London: Edward Stanford for the R.G.S., 1884. Coloured lithograph. Printed area 465 x 510mm.

Stock ID : 19759


A Ptolemaic map of the British Isles in rare original colour

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Tabula Europae I.

Basle: Henri Petri, c.1545, Latin text edition. Original colour. Woodcut, image size 270 x 345mm.

Stock ID : 19761


Munster map of America after Ortelius

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Die newen Inseln so hinder Hispania gegen Orient bey dem Landt Indie gelegen

Basle: Sebastian Petri, 1598, German edition. Coloured woodcut, image size 320 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 19763


Munster's map of Asia after Ortelius

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Asia wie es jetziger zeit nach den fürnemesten herrschafften abgetheilet und beschriben ist.

Basle: Sebastian Petri, c.1598. Coloured woodcut, printed area 315 x 355mm.

Stock ID : 19764


Munster's map of northern Europe after Ortelius

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Gemeine Beschreibung Aller Mitnachtigen Lander / alsz Schweden / Gothen / Norwegien / Dennmarck / &c.

Basle, Sebastian Petri, 1628, German text edition. Coloured woodcut, image size 320 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 19765


The second of Munster's Ptolemaic world maps

MUNSTER, Sebastian.

Ptolemeisch General Tafel die halbe Rugel der Welt begreissende.

Basle, Sebastian Petri, c.1588. German text edition. Coloured woodcut, printed area 320 x 360mm.

Stock ID : 19766


The most important C17th Dutch map of Russia


Tabula Russiæ ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris desumta...

Amsterdam, Johannes Blaeu, 1642, Dutch text edition. Old colour. 460 x 605mm.

Stock ID : 19768


A plan of classical Jerusalem with prospects


De Stadt Jerusalem.

Amsterdam: R. & J. Wetstein, William Smith & Leiden: Samuel Luchtmans, c.1728. Coloured.

Stock ID : 19770


One of the earliest charts to show any part of Australia

HONDIUS, Henricus.

India quæ Orientalis dicitur, et Insulæ Adiacentes.

Amsterdam: Jan Jansson, 1639, French text edition. Original colour. 395 x 490mm.

Stock ID : 19771


A scarce map of the Roman Empire based on Appian

DU VAL, Pierre.

Carte de l'Empire Romain dressée sur Appian Alexandrin, et autres Histoirens

Paris, 1663. Original outline colour. 325 x 555mm.

Stock ID : 19777


An 18th century wall map of Africa

ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste B. D'.

Africa, According to Mr. D'Anville with Several Additions, & Improvements, with a Particular CHart of the Gold Coast; wherein are distinguished all the European Forts and Factories, The whole Illustrated With a Summary Description Relative to the Trade & Natural-Produce, Manners & Customs of that Part of the World.

London: Robert Sayer, 1772. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1045 x 1250mm.

Stock ID : 19782


Algeria as the lair of the Barbary pirates

DU VAL, Pierre.

Carte du Roiaume d'Alger. [with] Description du Royaume d'Algier Par P. Du Val, Geographe du Roy.

Paris, 1665. Original outline colour. 365 x 520mm, with a rare letterpress description.

Stock ID : 19790


A scarce English map of Morea

RANDOLPH, Bernard.

Morea olim Peloponnesus.

London, 1689. Sheet size 445 x 540mm.

Stock ID : 19796


Early map of Tercera

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van.

A Cidade de Angra na Ilha de Iesu Xpo Da Tercera.

Frankfurt: Johann Theodore de Bry, 1601. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 395 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 19798


Detailed map of London in 1812

FADEN, William.

A New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster with the Borough of Southwark Comprehending the New Buildings and other Alterations.

London, 1812. 445 x 900mm.

Stock ID : 19802


A 19th century impression of Hollar's 'before and after' views of the Great Fire of London

HOLLAR, Wenceslaus.

A True and Exact Prospect of the Famous Citty of London, from S.t Marie Overs Steeple in Southwarke in its Flourishing Condition before the Fire. designed by W.m Hollar of Prague, Another Prospect of the Sayd Citty from the Same Place as it Appeareth now after the Sad Calamitie and Destruction by Fire. In the Year M.DC.LXVI.

London: c.1820. Etching on two sheets conjoined, total 225 x 680mm.

Stock ID : 19803


A scarce broadsheet plan of Georgian London

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis.

[Untitled plan of London.]

Paris: Le Rouge, c.1760. Two plates on one sheet, total 430 x 280mm.

Stock ID : 19804


Plan of London in the mid-17th century

BOWLES, Thomas.

The City Guide or A Pocket Map of London, Westminster And Southwark With ye New Buildings to ye Year 1753.

London: Thomas Bowles & John Bowles & Son, 1753. 265 x 515mm.

Stock ID : 19805


17th century map of the East Indies

SANSON, Nicolas.

Partie Meridionale de l'Inde en deux presqu'isles l'une deca et l'autre delà le Gange.

Paris, Mariette, 1658. Original colour. 440 x 565mm.

Stock ID : 19813


18th century map of the Caspian Sea & Uzbekistan

MAAS, Abraham.

Nova Maris Caspii et Regionis Usbeck...

Nuremberg: Homann's Heirs, c.1735. Original colour. 500 x 600mm.

Stock ID : 19821


Mid-17th century map of Mexico

SANSON, Nicolas.

Mexique, ou Nouvelle Espangne... 1656.

Paris, Pierre Mariette, c.1658. Original outline colour. 355 x 560mm.

Stock ID : 19826


An unusual map of Ancient Greece

ORTELIUS, Abraham.

Graecia Sophiani

Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius II, 1619. Original colour. 350 x 490mm.

Stock ID : 19829


The defences against the Spanish Armada

PINE, John.

A Plott of all the Coast of Cornwall and Devonshire as they were to be fortified in 1588 against the Landing of any Enemy. Taken from the Original in the Cottonian Library.

London, John Pine, 1740. Coloured. 400 x 670mm.

Stock ID : 19838