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Panorama of Vienna under siege by the Ottomans

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Wien in Oesterreich 1683.
Vienna? c.1683. Two sheets conjoined, total 245 x 680mm.


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A scarce prospect of Vienna, drawn by Daniel Suttinger on the eve of the Siege of Vienna by the Ottomans in 1683, showing the glacis, the land in front of the defensive walls cleared of buildings. The siege began in July and the city held out until relief troops under the King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski, arrived and fought the Battle of Vienna on 11-12th September.

Süttinger (1640-90?) was a military engineer from Saxony had lived in the city since 1670 advising on the defences and who participated at the defence: he also published plans of the Siege, important for its depiction of the Turkish trench tactics, and the Battle of Vienna.

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Dimensions 680 × 245 mm



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Wien in Oesterreich 1683.


Vienna? c.1683. Two sheets conjoined, total 245 x 680mm.


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