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 Central America 

ALLARD, Carel. [Campeche]
Campeche. Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, c.1720. 170 x 205mm. Centrefold strengthened.
A view of the fort at Campeche, with two very imaginative figures of local indians in the foreground.
[Ref: 9995]    £125.00 ($165 • €142 rates)


ALLARD, Carel. [An 18th century map of Scotland]
Novissima Regni Scotiæ Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula divisae in Ducatus, Comitatus, Vice-Comitatus, Provincias, Praefecturas, Dominia et Insulas Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1730. Coloured. 505 x 595mm.
A decorative map of Scotland, divided between north and south, with an inset of the Orkneys. It is decorated with a title cartouche featuring the Roman gods, an elaborate dedication cartouche (to Nicolaes Witsen, a confidant of William III, administrator of the VOC and ambassador to the English Court) and a vignette featuring the Scottish Royal Arms. This map was originally published by Allard in 1697.
[Ref: 17552]    £950.00 ($1,257 • €1,076 rates)


ALLARD, Carel. [A large early 18th Century folio map of Ireland]
Hyberniæ Regni in Provincias Ultoniam, Connachiam, Lageniam, Momoniamq. divisi Tabula accuratissima. Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1733. 590 x 510mm. A dark impression.
An large and decorative map of Ireland which, despite the date, still uses the elongated mapping of Gerard Mercator. The elaborate title cartouche features Hercules standing with one foot on a prostrate harpy, the arms of William & Mary adorning an arch behind. The scale cartouche depicts the Roman gods, including Neptune, around the Gaelic harp, a volcano erupting behind. Koeman gives the original publication date as 1697. BONAR LAW: DS 5, State iii.
[Ref: 17556]    £1,100.00 ($1,455 • €1,246 rates)


ALLARD, Carel. [Map of Catalonia published at the end of the 17th century]
Accuratissima Principatus Cataloniae, et Comitatuum Rusciononis, et Cerretaniae. Amsterdam, c.1697. Original colour. 515 x 595mm. A fine example
A finely engraved map of Catalonia from the famous Dutch map maker Carolum Allard, featuring a large cartouche around the title and scale.
[Ref: 14432]    £700.00 ($926 • €793 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4