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KOEHLER, Johann David. [Atlases of the ancient and modern worlds]
Descriptio orbis antiqui in XLIV tabulis exhibita...; Atlas Manualis Scholasticus et Itinerarius... Nuremberg: Christoph Weigel, 1720. Folio, full panelled calf, spine in compartments, gilt, with morocco title label; Part 1: engr. title & index, 44 double-page maps, as called for; Part II; engr. title & index, 16 double-page maps, as called for, all maps in full original colour.
Two atlases bound together. The first is an atlas of the ancient world, with maps of the countries decorated with illustrations of old coins; the second is a modern atlas, with maps of the world, continents and European countries.
[Ref: 11660]    £8,500.00 ($11,875 • €9,631 rates)

TIRION, Isaak. [Antique atlas of town plans, including New Orleans]
Beknopte Atlas, van omtrent honderd Platte Gronden der Voornaamste Vestingen, Kasteelen en Steden van Europa, en byzonder van de Nederlanden en eenige Kolonien. Byeenverzameld to dienst en nut van allen, die eenig belang stellen in eene juiste kennis van de Aangelegenheid en Sterkte dier Plaatsen, voor welke reeds het Oorlog wordt gevoerd of nog gevoerd kan worden; gelyk ook tot vermaak en gemak van alle Reizigers, ten welken einde mede de belangrykste Gestichten en Gebouwen op de meeste Plaatsen aangewezen zyn. Amsterdam, Leiden, Dordrecht & Harlingen: De Compagnie van Boekverkopers, c.1760. 8vo, half calf, marbled boards; title, index, 71 plates (18 folding, the rest double-page].
An atlas of over 100 town plans and old maps on 71 plates, some signed by Tirion and dated 1742-56, the rest unsigned and undated. Although the atlas concentrates on the Netherlands, there are plans from the rest of Europe and the Americas. The European plans include Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp & Rotterdam, Gdansk, St Petersburg, Strassburg, Paris & Geneva. The colonial plans include Cartagena, Lima, the Bahia Todos Santos in Brazil with a large inset plan of San Salvador, Cayenne, Surinam & Paramaribo, Guiana & Curacao, and New Orleans with two charts of the Mississippi Delta (based on the Jefferys of 1759 and one of the few available C18th plans of the city).
[Ref: 12425]    £5,000.00 ($6,985 • €5,665 rates)

REMONDINI, Giuseppe Antonio. [A fine miniature school atlas]
Atlas Géographique dressé sur les meilliures Cartes de ces derniers tems, à l'usgae Des Ecoles, et de toute la Jeunesse des deux Sexes. Venice: Remondini, 1801. Small 8vo, decorated vellum, marbled endpapers, with original decorated vellum slipcase with title label; engr. frontis. & title, 2 double-page engraved indexes of maps, 60 numbered double-page maps in original colour, as called for.
A charming miniature atlas published in the first year of the nineteenth century. Despite being published in Venice, French is used throughout.
[Ref: 13036]    £2,300.00 ($3,213 • €2,606 rates)


AVITY. Pierre d'. [17th century Geography with Hondius-Picart carte-a-figure maps of the continents]
Les Estats, Empires, Royaumes et Principautez du Monde. Lyons: Claude de la Riviere, 1659. Folio, full C18th vellum; pp. (viii)+930+(32)(index); four folding maps of the continents. Text spotted and toned, repairs to maps.
Pierre d'Avity (1673-1735) first published his 'Countries, Empires, Kingdoms and Principalities of the World' in 1614, but it was continually enlarged, even after his death. This posthumous edition was the first to contain these four maps of the continents. Although they have the name of Jodocus Hondius, three are new states of the maps by Nicholas Picart, 1644, which in turn were copied from Jan Jansson's maps of 1623 (but state 3, with bottom border panels removed), based on his brother-in-law's originals. The fourth, America, has been identified by Burden as a new plate imitating the Picart but with typographic differences, for example 'Cartage' rather than 'Cartagena' on the townplan. BURDEN: North America 333, 'very rare panelled map'; BETZ: 73.2.
[Ref: 13320]    £12,000.00 ($16,764 • €13,596 rates)

GORDON, Patrick. [A fine geography with maps by Robert Morden]
Geography Anatomis'd: or the Geographical Grammar. Being a Short And Exact Analysis Of the whole body of Modern Geography... London: John Nicholson et al, 1708. Small 4to, full contemporary calf, maroon morocco filt title label; half title, title, pp. (xx)+428+(4)(publisher's ads.); 16 double-page maps by Robert Morden. Fine condition.
Gordon's Geography was an extremely popular work, with twenty editions between 1693 and 1754. The earliest had maps from Robert Morden's 'Geography Rectified'; from 1722 these were replaced by maps by John Senex, and in the last edition by Emanuel Bowen.
[Ref: 13033]    £1,600.00 ($2,235 • €1,813 rates)

DE L'ISLE, Joseph Nicolas. [A treatise on astronomy & geography for mapmaking]
Memoires pour Servir a l'Histoire & au Progres de l'Astronomie, de la Geography, & de la Physique. St Petersburg: Academy of Sciences, 1738. 4to; full calf gilt, inner hinges strained; pp. 284 + (12)(tables), 13 folding engraved plates. With the bookplate of Frank S. Streeter.
Joseph Nicolas de L'Isle (1688-1741) was a cartographer, mapmaker and publisher of maps and atlases; he founded the Academy of Sciences of St Petersburg and helped compile the 'Atlas Russicus', the first atlas of Russia.
[Ref: 12397]    £3,500.00 ($4,890 • €3,966 rates)

PINE, John. [The story of the Spanish Armada from the House of Lords tapestries]
The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords: Representing the several Engagements Between the English and Spanish Fleets. In the ever memorable Year MDLXXXVIII... London, John Pine, 1739. Later full calf gilt, marbled edges; engr. title, dedication, pp. (ii) (list of subscribers) + 24, engr. map, 10 maritime views, 10 charts printed in pairs, the views and charts printed in blue within black separately-printed decorative borders.
A superb commemoration of the Spanish Armada of 1588. The book contains ten sea battle views drawn by Clement Lemprière after tapestries hanging in the House of Lords; and ten charts of the progress of the skirmishes drawn by Hubert-François Gravelot after Robert Adams, all engraved by John Pine. In 1591 Lord Howard of Effingham commissioned the Dutch marine painter Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom to design ten scenes of the Spanish Armada to be made into tapestry wall-hangings by François Spierinck of Delft. In 1616 the tapestries were bought by James I, who had them hung in the House of Lords, where they remained through Revolution and Restoration, only to be destroyed when the Houses of Parliament burnt down in 1834. This left Pine’s book as the only record, so it is lucky that Pine worried that ''Time, or Accident, or moths may deface these valuable shadows'. The charts were copied from those of Robert Adam, engraved by Augustine Ryther and published in 1588. The text is an historical account of the Armada, a description of the plates and an explanation of the medals and other ornaments. MCC: 4.
[Ref: 14002]    £24,000.00 ($33,528 • €27,192 rates)

PIRANESI, Giovanni Battista. [The rare first edition of Piranesi's study of the antiquities of Rome]
Le Antichità Romane. Rome: Bouchard & Gravier, 1756-7. 4 vols, large folio, contemporary full calf, gilt decorated in compartments, black calf title & volume labels on spines, marbled edges and endpapers. Vol I: pp. [xi]+40+xi+iii+iv+iii+[ii], engraved frontis portrait and 44 numbered plates (6 double-page, one two-sheet map, 7 single page, thirty pages with two plates), with 8 engravings in text. Vol II: pp. 63 numbered plates (one two-sheet folding plate, 46 double-page, 16 single page including title and list of plates. Vol III: 54 numbered plates (one two-sheet folding plate, 46 double-page and 10 single-page, including title). Vol IV: 57 numbered plates (five two-sheet folding, 24 double-page, 28 single page including title and index). Complete. Some spotting throughout.
A fine example of the first edition, second issue, of Piranesi's monumental survey of the antiquities of Rome, with which he established himself as the leading light of the archaeology of Rome. Having spent eight years recording artefacts and buildings, including the the extensive remains of sepulchres, he published this collection of of over two hundred plates. About half of the items he recorded are now lost. According to Piranesi himself only seventy copies of the first issue had been printed before he lost patience with his patron Viscount Charlemont's failure to send funds promised to underwrite the costs of publication. He removed the dedications to each volume, expunged Charlemont's name from the text and added the text of two letters he sent to the viscount demanding the promised funds (dated February 1757). He also has the first letter displayed in the Vatican, Barberini and Corsini Libraries in an attempt to embarrass Charlemont to pay, as an ink manuscript note to the letter printed here states. This footnote, composed by Piranesi and probably written by him, also appears in the British Library's example of the Antichità, so perhaps was an addition Piranesi made to every English customer's copies. Provenance: with the bookplate of Hugh, Duke of Westminster, dated 1884.
[Ref: 18074]    £92,500.00 ($129,223 • €104,803 rates)

PIRANESI, Giovanni Battista. [Three of Piranesi's studies of the antiquities of Rome]
Lapides Capitolini... [&] Le Rovine del Castello dell'Acqua Giulia... [&] Descrizione e Disegno dell' Emissario del Lago Albano... Rome: Piranesi et al,, 1762-4. Large folio, contemporary full calf, gilt decorated in compartments, black calf title labels on spines, marbled edges and endpapers. Three works in one. Part I: half-title, etched title, frontis. dedication portrait, two-sheet folding plate, pp. (iv)+61 with two inset plates. Part II: half-title, etched title, pp. 26 with three inset plates, 18 numbered plates on 17 sheets. Part III: etched title, pp. 19 with two inset plates, 9 numbered plates, including 7 double-page and one two-sheet folding.
Three of Piranesi's studies of the antiquities of Rome. The 'Lapides Capitolini', dedicated to Clement XIII, records the inscriptions on monuments in the Capitoline Hill, including a list of consuls up to the time of Tiberias. The second work describes the fountainhead of the 'Aqua Julia'. The last is the first of a series of three publications by Piranesi on the antiquities of the region of Lake Albano, including images of cavernous reservoirs reminiscent of Piranesi's 'Carceri'. An early printing: later versions substituted Piranesi's 'Antichita di Cora' for the 'Lago Albano'. Provenance: with the bookplate of Hugh, Duke of Westminster, dated 1884.
[Ref: 18087]    £12,500.00 ($17,463 • €14,163 rates)

HARRIS, Joseph. [A treatise on globes with a globe-maker's advert inserted]
The Description and Use of the Globes, and the Orrery. To wich is prefix'd By Way of Introduction, A brief Account of the Solar System... Tenth edition. London: Benjamin Cole & Elizabeth.Cushee, 1768. 8vo., full calf gilt; pp. viii + 220 + (4)(ads); folding engraved frontis., five numbered folding plates, as called for, and extra folding globe advert. A little wear to plates.
A popular handbook on globes written by Joseph Harris (1702-64), who began as a blacksmith in Cornwall before starting to design and make mathematical and navigational instruments, as well as teaching mathematics and authoring books on astronomy, optics and navigation. Another career was as the King's Assay-Master (testing the purity of precious metals) at the Mint in the Tower of London. The publishers were also both involved in scientific instruments: Benjamin Cole (1725-1813, the third generation to have the same name) made instruments and globes, which are listed, with prices, in the advert at the back of this book; and Elizabeth Cushee (1704-1773) took over the business of her husband Richard (1696-1733) on his death, making globes. The globe-maker's advert, illustrated with a pair of his globes, was engraved by Richard.
[Ref: 18162]    £350.00 ($489 • €397 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 2833
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