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 West Indies 

Anonymous. [Map of Martinique to illustrate news of the Seven Years' War]
Martinico one of the French Caribbee Islands in the West Indies. London: T.Kinnersley, 1759, Sheet 105 x 205mm. Narrow bottom margin.
A map of the French colony of Martinique. Because of the importance of the islands sugar to the French economy it became a target for British operations during the Seven Years' War (1756-63). Late in 1758 a fleet was sent to the West Indies with orders to attack French and Spanish Colonies, including Martinique, Guadeloupe and Cuba. Martinique was attacked in January 1759, but the British gave up the assault without realising how close the French were to capitulation, moving on to take Guadeloupe. They successfully took the island in 1762 but handed it back the following year in the Treaty of Paris. This map was published in the April edition of 'The Grand Magazine of Magazines. or Universal Register'. Mostly written by David Henry, the magazine was published as a competitor to the 'Gentleman's Magazine'. The circulation was never high and it folded in 1760.
[Ref: 14899]    £160.00 ($200 • €186 rates)


Anonymous. [Lithographic view of Heong-Chang, China]
Village de Heong-chang, riviere de Canton, Chine. London: Ackermann, c.1840. Coloured lithograph. , 240 x 350mm. A fine example.
Heong-Chang on the Canton River (Guangdong River). From Voyage autour du Monde executé pendant les années 1836 et 1837 sur la Corvette la Bonite.
[Ref: 15184]    £400.00 ($500 • €464 rates)

Anonymous. [A board game map of the Boxer Rebellion]
[French board game map of the Boxer Rebellion.] France, c.1901. Colour-printed lithograph on coated paper. 240 x 370mm. With a photocopy of the rules in French. Nicks in edges.
A map of northern China made into a board game, with the players racing around the country via the landmarks of the Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901. Landing at Pei-ho the route goes to Tientsin (Tianjin), Pao-Ting-Fu (the site of the Taiyuan Massacre, in which seventy-seven unarmed Western missionaries were executed in front of the provincial governor in 1900) & Shanhaiguan.
[Ref: 13931]    £220.00 ($275 • €255 rates)

Anonymous. [A 3D plaster model relief map of Hong Kong]
[Hong Kong.] Kowloon: Kwong Wah Three Dimensional Geographical Model Supply Co., c.,1955. Relief map, modelled in plaster and hand coloured, printed paper name lables, mounted on hardboard, in contemporary frame (without glass). Total 470 x 690mm. Some wear, including to name labels.
A very unusual map of Hong Kong, modelled in plaster to show relief in 3D, with the mountains raised up to c.20mm above sea level, and painted green, yellow and brown to emphasise heights. Important places have paper labels stuck on, with names written in Chinese and English; the key lower right is also chipped. The streets of Victoria and Kowloon are painted on, as are major roads and the Canton-Kowloon Railway. We are basing our dating on the vague representation of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, under construction between 1952 and 1957. The key has the publisher's details in Cantonese, but unfortunately has no date.
[Ref: 17001]    £3,250.00 ($4,063 • €3,770 rates)


Anonymous. [The Nutmeg Warehouse]
Carte Particuliere de l'Isle d'Amboine Paris, c.1748. Coloured. 215 x 310mm. Small abrasion on border.
The island of Amboine in Indonesia was described by the historian Vaxelaire as 'the bank vault of the East Indian ocean'; it was there that the nutmeg harvest of Indonesia was stored before being loaded onto ships headed for Europe via Batavia.
[Ref: 10195]    £65.00 ($81 • €75 rates)


Anonymous. [India]
Indostan Rome, 1825, coloured, 325 x 245mm
An Italian edition after a map by Bonne A very decorative map showing India in its entirety, marked with its regional boundaries and major cities.
[Ref: 10321]    £160.00 ($200 • €186 rates)

 Near East 

Anonymous. [The Near East during the First World War]
Map of Eastern Turkey In Asia, Syria And Western Persia. London: Royal Geographical Society, c.1915 Photozincographed map, dissected and laid on linen, folded into blue paper covers and presented, together with 5pp. pamphlet of accompanying notes, within blue pocket and case. 760 x 800mm. Slight damp spotting on verso.
Map of the Middle East, extending from the east coast of the Mediterranean to the Caspian and from the Black Sea south to Basra. The map is a compilation of the discoveries of various travellers, discussed in the notes, including Captains Aylmer and Butler in the Syrian Desert in 1908. Originally published 1910, the map was updated in 1915 to include the railways.
[Ref: 12030]    £325.00 ($406 • €377 rates)


Anonymous. [18th Century map of Arabia]
Arabie. Paris, c.1740. 340 x 370mm. Binding folds flattened.
Interesting map of Arabia, with an inset plan of the Mosque at Mecca, from a drawing in the Bodleian Library.
[Ref: 15993]    £850.00 ($1,063 • €986 rates)

 The Holy Land 

Anonymous. [Map of the Holy Land after Adrichom]
Situs Terrae Promissionis seu Terrae Sanctae. c.1690. 200 x 500mm. Repairs to binding folds.
A version of Andrichom's map of the Holy Land divided into the Twelve Tribes, oriented with north to the left. Under the map are indexes in seven columns to places mentioned in the bible, divided into regions. LAOR: 915.
[Ref: 13291]    £550.00 ($688 • €638 rates)


Anonymous. [A scarce bird's-eye view of Constantinople]
Constantinopel. Frankfurt: Heirs of Sigismund Latomi, 1731. 320 x 380mm. Narrow top margin, very fine impression.
A finely engraved elevated view of Istanbul, with the buildings shown in perspective. Ships fill the seas, with three firing cannon. It was published in a newsbook, 'Relationis Historicæ semestralis autumnalis continuatio', written by 'Jacobus Francus'. Originally this was a pseudonym used by Conrad Lautenbach (1534-95) when the series began in the 16th century, but the name was adopted by subsequent writers of the newsbook.
[Ref: 16082]    £1,500.00 ($1,875 • €1,740 rates)

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