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JANVIER, Jean. L'Amerique divisée Pars Grands Etats. Paris, Lattré, 1782. Original colour. 315 x 455mm.
The newly created United States are delineated with a red line. With an odd-shaped New Zealand and the Sandwich Islands, discovered by Captain Cook less than five years earlier.
[Ref: 8349]    £230.00 ($297 • €273 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [The Western Hemisphere]
Hémisphère Occidental. Paris, Desnos, 1786. Original colour. 235 x 265mm, within extra border containing letterpress text pasted in.
A map of the Western Hemisphere from the 'Géographie Moderne, Historique et Politique'. Despite the date Cook's mapping of New Zealand and Alaska is ignored: the 'Mer de l'Ouest' appears in north-west America.
[Ref: 7545]    £120.00 ($155 • €142 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [The Western Hemisphere]
L'Amerique Dressée pour l'étude de la Geographie... Paris, Desnos, 1786. Original colour. 235 x 265mm, within extra border containing letterpress strip pasted in.
Map of the Americas which, despite the date, has not been updated to show the discoveries of Cook in the American north west of 1779. With a decorative title cartouche.
[Ref: 7523]    £160.00 ($206 • €190 rates)

ARROWSMITH, John. [Americas, Cholera]
Map For Tracing The Course Of Epidemic Cholera In The New World London, c.1850, coloured lithograph, 310 x 380mm
Taken from a copy of the report Made By Dr Milroy to the Colonial Office, on the Cholera Epidemic in Jamaica, 1850, London, House of Commons
[Ref: 10283]    £130.00 ($168 • €154 rates)

BURDEN, Philip D. [Fine reference for the mapping of North America]
The Mapping of North America II 612 pages, 270 x 365 mm., bound in burgundy cloth with colour dustjacket. With 12 + 364 map entries, 12 colour plates and 392 black and white photographs
An essential reference work for collectors, dealers, institutions and researchers. The Mapping of North America II continues on from the first volume in documenting the printed cartographic record of the discovery of the continent from 1670 to 1700. Much has been written on the printed word in relation to America, and many works exist on the cartography of it. None however has attempted to comprehensively detail every known printed map. By 1670 European knowledge of the outline of the continent of North America varied considerably. Through the period of this book knowledge of its coastline and interior river system would improve immensely. Maps are one of the most fascinating media. They condense into one document an immense amount of information. Each map in this book is discussed in detail, with a description of both its publication and background history, including those of the cartographers, printers and publishers involved. The complicated network of sources is revealed and, if any explorations are recorded, a description of these is included too. Lastly, but by no means least, each entry is accompanied by a photograph.
[Ref: 7549]    £175.00 ($226 • €207 rates)

 North America 

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [A descriptive plate about American tribes]
Carte qui Contient la Maniere dont se fait la Chasse des Boeufs Sauvages... Amsterdam, 1720. Coloured. 380 x 440mm.
A sheet of views, illustrations and engraved text relating to American tribes, including the Sioux and Illinois, describing how they hunted bison, their 'coats-of-arms', dancing and pipes. Also featured is a view of Niagara Falls, again with a descriptive text.
[Ref: 7768]    £250.00 ($323 • €296 rates)

RAPIN DE THOYRAS, Paul. [The British Empire]
Carte Generale des Royaumes, Etats & Domaines, Que les Rois & La Couronne de La Grande Bretagne ont Possédez ou Possédent en Europe en Afrique & en Amerique. The Hague: Durand & Dupard, c.1735. 415 x 515mm. Narrow right margin, as issued.
An outline map of the North Atlantic, marking British possessions in North America, the West Indies, Europe and Africa, published in Rapin's History of England. This work is better known through Nicholas Tindal's English translation.
[Ref: 9029]    £200.00 ($258 • €237 rates)

BONNE, Rigobert. [Bering Strait]
Carte de L'Entrée de Norton et du Détroit de Bhering où l'on voit le Cap le plus Oriental de L'Asie et la pointe la plus occidentale de L'Amérique. Paris, 1787. Coloured. 250 x 360mm.
The Bering Straits and Norton Sound, Alaska, showing the two attempts of Captain Cook's ship to penetrate the Straits on his third & final, fatal, voyage, 1778-79.
[Ref: 10215]    £125.00 ($161 • €148 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of North America]
North America including the West Indies London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of North America engraved by Hatchett for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. Of interest is the tiny 'Fuca's Entrance' and 'Sea of the West', just prior to the inclusion of Vancouver's discoveries. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16384]    £110.00 ($142 • €130 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of Eastern North America]
British Possessions in North America and United States with Vermont, Kentucky and Tennassee London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of eastern North America, with Canada, the United States and Spanish Florida. It was engraved by Palmer for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16385]    £200.00 ($258 • €237 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 851
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