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VISSCHER, Nicolas. [An elegant map of the Americas]
Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americae Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1670. coloured. 440 x 550mm. Split lower centerfold restored.
Showing California as an island and a partial coastline of New Zealand which has been placed too far southwest, with two ornate cartouches. McLaughlin 48.
[Ref: 9572]    £1,500.00 ($2,028 • €1,670 rates)

MONTANUS, Arnoldus. [Famous Explorers in America]
[Set of 4 portraits of early Explorers.] Christofel Colonus; Americus Vesputius; Ferdinand Magellanus; Francisco Pisarro. London: John Ogilby, 1671. Set of 4 plates, each c. 300 x 180mm.
Four portaits of early explorers of America: Amerigo Vespucci, Francisco Pizarro, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan from Ogilby's 'America', an English edition of Montanus' 'De Nieuwe En Onbekende Weereld', published the same year by Meurs.
[Ref: 8745]    £400.00 ($541 • €445 rates)

SPEED, John. [Speed's important map of America]
America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde, both people and manner of buildings Discribed and inlarged by J.S. 1626. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 405 x 525mm. Repaired tear entering printed border top left.
A landmark map of America, being the first atlas map to show California is an island. It was engraved by Abraham Goos for Speed's 'Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World', the first English atlas of the world. Above California is the outline of another large, unnamed island; nothing is shown of the Great Lakes; and Raleigh's 'Parime Lacus' and 'Manoa' appear in South America. An inset shows Greenland, Iceland and the mythical island of Friesland. Originally published in 1627, the plate was altered in the 1660s to add English place names including Boston, 'Long Ile', 'Mary Land' and Carolina. Along the top of the map are prospects of eight cities, including Havana, Cartagena, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Down the sides are ten costume vignettes of native Americans, including the kings of New England & Florida, a Virginian and Greenlander. BURDEN: North America, 217.
[Ref: 17815]    £6,500.00 ($8,788 • €7,238 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [The Americas]
Amerique. Paris, 1682, original outline colour, 105 x 130mm.
The Americas showing California as an island and the mythical "Terre de Iesso". Furthermore New Zealand is denoted by one coast, from Du Val's atlas 'La Géographie Universelle'. BURDEN 350 state 3.
[Ref: 10807]    £300.00 ($406 • €334 rates)

LEA, Philip. [One of the first maps of America to show Philadelphia]
A New Mapp of America Devided According to the Best and latest Observations and Discoveries wherein are described by thear Proper Names the Seaverall Countries that Belonge to ye English which are wholly left out in all French and Dutch Maps viz New Scotland, Long Island, N.York, N.Jarsey, Mary Land, Pensilvania Carrolina... London, Philip Lea & John Overton, c.1688. Coloured. 485 x 575mm. Faint stains in sea area.
A rare separate-issue map of the Americas, engraved by James Moxon, with California as an island, an inset of the North Pole and a dedication to Henry Duke of Beaufort. The Great Lakes are open to the west, but this is hidden by a large crest of the British monarchy, intended to show Britain's increasing colonisation. California is shown as an island. Philadelphia is named, a very early reference on a map, as Penn had founded it in 1682. The first state of this map was published in 1684, and the only known example is in the Biblioteque Nationale. This second state, with Lea's address changed from 'Poultry' to 'Cheapside', is unlikely to have been published after 1688, as the dedication to Beaufort, a Jacobite who refused to swear alliegience to William & Mary, would not have been tolerated after the 'Glorious Revolution'. BURDEN: 593.
[Ref: 11870]    £5,000.00 ($6,760 • €5,568 rates)

DANCKERTS, Justus. [Map of the Americas]
Recentissima Novi Orbis Sive Americæ Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula. Amsterdam, 1697. Original colour. 505 x 585mm. Minor restoration at centrefold.
A beautiful map of the Americas, with California as an island, a huge 'Terra Esonis' filling the north Pacific and the western Great Lakes left open-ended. The title cartouche bottom left is copied from De Wit's map of 1670. McLAUGHLIN: 123, state 1 of 2.
[Ref: 7573]    £2,250.00 ($3,042 • €2,505 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [A French separate-issue map of the Americas]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1699. 470 x 600mm. Binding fold flattened.
De Fer's large separate-issue map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication & scale, with a fourth left blank. Engraved by van Loon, California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 127, first state of 6.
[Ref: 13935]    £2,000.00 ($2,704 • €2,227 rates)

SANSON, Guillaume. [America as "Atlantis Insula"]
Novus Orbis potius Altera Continens sive Atlantis Insula à Nicolao Sanson Antiquitati Restituta; Nunc demum Majori Forma delineata, et in decem Regna, juxta decem Neptuni Filios Distributa. Paris, c.1700. Original colour. 410 x 570mm. A fine example.
A strange mixture of myth and fact: America is called 'The Island of Atlantis', and divided into regions named after the sons of Neptune. California is shown as an island and the Great Lakes are open-ended in the west. BURDEN: 405, state 4 of 5.
[Ref: 14274]    £650.00 ($879 • €724 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [The Americas with California as an island]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1700. Original colour. 225 x 340mm. A very fine and crisp example.
First issue of this map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication and scale. Engraved by Inselin for the 'Atlas Curieux', California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 135.
[Ref: 17404]    £700.00 ($946 • €779 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [A monumental wall map of the Pacific and America]
Carte très curieuse de la Mer du Sud, contenant des Remarques Nouvelles et très utiles non seulement sur des Ports et Îles de cette Mer, mais aussy sur les principaux Pays de l'Amerique tant Septentrionale que Méridionale en a été faite. Amsterdam, 1719. Four sheets conjoined, total 830 x 1410mm. A superb example.
A large map of the western hemisphere, centred on the Americas but showing the coasts of Western Europe & Africa on the right, China & Japan on the left, with the partial outlines of Australia & New Zealand. California is shown as an island, but the north of the island has lighter shading to suggest doubt, as has the western half of the Terra del Fuego. Jesso and Companies Land are also shown above Japan, but two large vignettes of beavers cover the gap between Asia and America. Other vignettes include portraits of the most important explorers; plans of Panama, Acapulco, Mexico City & Havana; depictions of mining, panning for gold, sugar milling, a cod fishery and human sacrifice. The map was included in Chatelain's seven-volume 'Atlas Historique', published between 1705 and 1720. This encyclopedic work was devoted to the history and genealogy of the continents, with a text, written by Nicolas Gueudeville, on topics including geography, cosmography, topography, heraldry, and ethnography. GOSS: Mapping of North America 52, 'a veritable pictorial encyclopaedia of the western hemisphere'.
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Records: 11 to 20 of 363
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