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HONDIUS, Jodocus. [A superbly decorated map of the Americas]
America. Amsterdam, c. 1611. Original colour restored. 370 x 500mm.
The Americas, decorated with vignette scenes from De Bry, a parrot, toucan, canoes and a Japanese junk. In the bottom left is a scene depicting the Brazilian natives preparing an alcoholic beverage, starting with virgins chewing the grain to break down the starches! Engraved by Jodocus Hondius for his edition of Mercator's Atlas, it appeared alongside Michael Mercator's map of the Americas until 1630. As Mercator's map had the text, there is only the title, pagination codes and a motif on verso. BURDEN: 150.
[Ref: 18659]    £6,250.00 ($8,188 • €7,025 rates)

DE BRY, Theodore. [An important book on early American exploration]
[The Great or American Voyages.] Frankfurt: 1594-1617. Parts I-VI only (of 13) in one volume. Latin text. Folio (335 x 235 mm), 17th century vellum over pasteboard, the flat spine with small panel outlined in gilt with rolls, titled in gilt within the panel. A few neat repairs, part VI lacking 2nd section (from page 108 including 2nd frontis. and 28 plates), binding with minor repairs to spine and the board edges, endpapers replaced.
De Bry's important collection of voyages of exploration to the Americas, containing several landmark maps of the continent. Included are Hariot's account of the English colony in Virginia (second edition, second issue, 1606), with the important map of the Roanoke colony in Virginia and plates after John White; Jacques Le Moyne's Florida (second edition, 1609), with his map of south east North America and engravings of Florida and its inhabitants; Hans Stadius's Brazil (second edition, first issue, 1605) with his map of Peru and Brazil; and Girolamo Benzoni's History of the New World (first two parts second editions, 1594 & 1617, the third the first edition of 1596), with maps of the Western Hemisphere, the West Indies and New Spain, and a view of Cusco.
[Ref: 12946]    £75,000.00 ($98,250 • €84,300 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Blaeu's famous carte à figure map of America]
Americæ nova Tabula. Amsterdam, 1638 or 1640, French text edition. Original colour. 415 x 560mm. Repaired tear in top edge, otherwise a very fine example.
One of the most famous maps of the Americas, a 'carte-a-figures' with 10 costume vignettes down the sides and nine city prospects along the top. Originally published separately in 1617, the extremely rare first state did not show Cape Horn. Within a year Jacob le Maire returned from his trip around the Cape and his new information was added to the plate. A second change was implemented in 1621 when Willem Janszoon added the 'Blaeu' to his name to distance himself from his arch-rival Jan Janszoon, so his new name was added under the title. Two more states, both just minor embellishments, appeared in the 1640s, before the plate was destroyed in the fire at the Blaeu printing works in 1672. BURDEN: 189, state 3 of 5.
[Ref: 18585]    £6,500.00 ($8,515 • €7,306 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [An uncommon map of the Americas]
L'Amerique autrement Le Novveau Monde et Indes Occidentales. Paris, c.1672. Original outline colour. 370 x 390mm.
A scarce map of the AMericas, originally published in 1655. California is shown as an island, separated from 'Jesso' by the Straits of Anian. In the south Atlantic is a part of the great 'Terre Australis', and the western Great Lakes are open-ended. The key is enclosed in a simple border, added for this state. BURDEN: 311, 'uncommon'.
[Ref: 18882]    £1,700.00 ($2,227 • €1,911 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [Miniature map of the Americas]
Amerique. Paris, 1682, original outline colour, 105 x 130mm.
The Americas showing California as an island and the mythical 'Terre de Iesso'. In the Pacific New Zealand is denoted by one coast, from Du Val's atlas 'La Géographie Universelle'. BURDEN 350 state 3.
[Ref: 10807]    £300.00 ($393 • €337 rates)

LEA, Philip. [One of the first maps of America to show Philadelphia]
A New Mapp of America Devided According to the Best and latest Observations and Discoveries wherein are described by thear Proper Names the Seaverall Countries that Belonge to ye English which are wholly left out in all French and Dutch Maps viz New Scotland, Long Island, N.York, N.Jarsey, Mary Land, Pensilvania Carrolina... London, Philip Lea & John Overton, c.1688. Coloured. 485 x 575mm. Faint stains in sea area.
A rare separate-issue map of the Americas, engraved by James Moxon, with California as an island, an inset of the North Pole and a dedication to Henry Duke of Beaufort. The Great Lakes are open to the west, but this is hidden by a large crest of the British monarchy, intended to show Britain's increasing colonisation. California is shown as an island. Philadelphia is named, a very early reference on a map, as Penn had founded it in 1682. The first state of this map was published in 1684, and the only known example is in the Biblioteque Nationale. This second state, with Lea's address changed from 'Poultry' to 'Cheapside', is unlikely to have been published after 1688, as the dedication to Beaufort, a Jacobite who refused to swear alliegience to William & Mary, would not have been tolerated after the 'Glorious Revolution'. BURDEN: 593.
[Ref: 11870]    £5,000.00 ($6,550 • €5,620 rates)

DANCKERTS, Justus. [Map of the Americas]
Recentissima Novi Orbis Sive Americæ Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula. Amsterdam, 1697. Original colour. 505 x 585mm. Minor restoration at centrefold.
A beautiful map of the Americas, with California as an island, a huge 'Terra Esonis' filling the north Pacific and the western Great Lakes left open-ended. The title cartouche bottom left is copied from De Wit's map of 1670. McLAUGHLIN: 123, state 1 of 2.
[Ref: 7573]    £2,250.00 ($2,948 • €2,529 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [A French separate-issue map of the Americas]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1699. 470 x 600mm. Binding fold flattened.
De Fer's large separate-issue map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication & scale, with a fourth left blank. Engraved by van Loon, California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 127, first state of 6.
[Ref: 13935]    £2,000.00 ($2,620 • €2,248 rates)

SANSON, Guillaume. [America as "Atlantis Insula"]
Novus Orbis potius Altera Continens sive Atlantis Insula à Nicolao Sanson Antiquitati Restituta; Nunc demum Majori Forma delineata, et in decem Regna, juxta decem Neptuni Filios Distributa. Paris, c.1700. Original colour. 410 x 570mm. A fine example.
A strange mixture of myth and fact: America is called 'The Island of Atlantis', and divided into regions named after the sons of Neptune. California is shown as an island and the Great Lakes are open-ended in the west. BURDEN: 405, state 4 of 5.
[Ref: 14274]    £650.00 ($852 • €731 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [The Americas with California as an island]
L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale... Paris, 1700. Original colour. 225 x 340mm. A very fine and crisp example.
First issue of this map of the Americas, with decorative cartouches for the title, dedication and scale. Engraved by Inselin for the 'Atlas Curieux', California is shown as a very large island. McLAUGHLIN: 135.
[Ref: 17404]    £700.00 ($917 • €787 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 338
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