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JANSSON, Jan. [The Saxon Heptarchy]
Britannia prout divisa suit temporibus Anglo-Saxonium presertim durante illorum Heptarchia. Amsterdam, c.1700, blank verso. Original colour. 415 x 530mm. Backed with archival tissue to strengthen verdigris weakness.
One the most decorative maps of the British Isles, first published 1646. It shows England before the Norman Conquest of 1066, with the country divided into the seven Saxon kingdoms. Down each side are vignettes in full colour: on the left are full-length portraits of the founders of the kingdoms; on the right are the various methods used to convert their successors to Christianity, including violence and nagging. SHIRLEY: British Isles 577, plate 154.
[Ref: 17943]    £2,400.00 ($3,067 • €2,690 rates)

NOLIN, Jean Baptiste. [Antique map of the British Isles]
Les Isles Britanniques ou sont Les Royaumes d'Angleterre d'Escosse et d'Ireland &c. Paris, c.1707. Original outline colour. Dissected and laid on linen. 600 x 490mm. Some restoration at centrefold.
Antique map of the British Isles, with an inset map of the Orkneys, Shetlands & Faroes top right. First issued with the date 1698, SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, Nolin 1, state ii of iii.
[Ref: 12506]    £350.00 ($447 • €392 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [Early 18th century map of the British Isles]
Nouvelle Carte d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et d'Irlande, avec Instructions pour Connoitre les Differents Etats de la Couronne D'Angleterre en Europe, Asie, Afrique, et Amerique. Amsterdam, 1708. Coloured. 480 x 630mm.
Decorative map of the British Isles, with inset maps of the two hemispheres showing territory under England's control, and four armorials. SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, Châtelain 2, illus, 'the principle map of the British Isles in Châtelain's Atlas Historique'.
[Ref: 17861]    £500.00 ($639 • €561 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [A Georgian map of the British Isles]
Tabula Novissima Accuratissima Regnorum Angliæ, Scotiæ Hiberniæ. Augsburg, c.1725. Original colour. 585 x 500mm. A very fine example
An example of the first state of Seutter's British Isles, with a portrait of George I and the Hanoverian coat-of-arms in the title cartouche. In the scale cartouche bottom left, the old Stuart coat-of-arms is still present, also in the scale cartouche is a scene of Perseus on Pegasus rescuing Andromeda from Cetus, the seamonster. In the top left are the shields of England, Scotland and Ireland. SHIRLEY: Seutter 1.
[Ref: 17398]    £900.00 ($1,150 • €1,009 rates)

SCHREIBER, Johann Georg. [Eighteenth century map of the British Isles]
Gros Britannien Oder Engelland, Schottland Und Irrland... Leipzig, c.1730, Original colour, 160 x 235mm
Map of the British Isles from Schreiber's 'Atlas Selectus'. With a very prominent and decorative Hanoverian coat of arms, and a panel of text listing Britain's divisions, which are denoted on the map by initials. Shirley P.123 Illustrated.
[Ref: 17973]    £350.00 ($447 • €392 rates)

RHODE, Johann Christoph. [Mid-eighteenth century map of the British Isles]
Tabula Geograph: Magnae Britanniae.. Berlin, Leonhard Euler, 1753. Coloured. 320 x 370mm.
With an inset of the Orkneys & Shetlands. Published by Leonard Von Euler, the famous mathematician
[Ref: 17088]    £650.00 ($831 • €729 rates)

ROCQUE, John. [A fine example of Rocque's county atlas]
The Small British Atlas: being a New Set of Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales: To which is added a General Map... London: Rocque, 1753. 8vo, later brown calf; engraved title (in English & French), folding general map, double-page general map & 52 double-page engraved maps, as called for. Good, early impressions of the maps.
The only county atlas by Rocque, who was better known for his large scale surveys of cities. Most of the maps have no illustrations, but Devon has vignettes of the Eddystone Lighthouse and West Yorkshire has a view of a guillotine in use in Halifax half a century before the French Revolution. The folding general map, titled 'A Parliamentary Map of England', is a sketch-map, marking the outlines of the counties and the positions of the major towns only; however it is made more interesting by the tables, which includes the revenue of both land tax and ship tax from each county.
[Ref: 11749]    £4,000.00 ($5,112 • €4,484 rates)

SIMON, Thomas. [The Great Seal of the Commonwealth, 1651]
The Great-Seal of the Common-Wealth of England. done by Tho. Simon. This Engrav'd from a Curious Proof Impression in Wax which was in the Collection of the R.t Hon.ble ye Earl of Oxford; now in the Possession of her Grace the Dutchess of Portland. London: George Vertue, 1753. 215 x 150mm. A very fine impression, trimmed to image and mounted in Victorian album paper.
An engraved copy of the Great Seal of England of 1651, showing a map of England, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands, decorated with the arms of England & Ireland and galleons, within a decorative border. The seal was used to authenticate state documents during the Commonwealth, the period between the execution of Charles I and the Restoration of 1660, when England was a republic. The maker of this seal (and others for Charles I and Charles II) was Thomas Simon (c.1623-65), chief engraver of the Royal Mint. This engraving by Vertue was published in 'The Medals, Coins, Great Seals and other Works of Thomas Simon'.
[Ref: 17363]    £650.00 ($831 • €729 rates)

SIMON, Thomas. [The Seal of the Court of Common Bench, 1648]
The Seal for the Court of Common Bench at Westminster A. MDCXLVIII. London: George Vertue, 1753. 220 x 145mm. Trimmed to image and mounted in Victorian album paper.
An engraving showing the two sides of the seal of the Court of Common Bench (or 'Pleas'), within an invented rococo border. The front shows a map of England, Wales and Ireland. It was a common law court that heard any case between two individuals which did not concern the king. It was often in conflict over jurisdiction with the Court of King's Bench: however this seal celebrates the reduction in the power of the King's Bench because of the Civil War. The reverse shows the Court of Common Bench in session in Westminster Hall, with the legend 'In the first year of Freedom, by God's blessing restored, 1648'. The court was abolished in 1880. The maker of this seal (and others for Charles I and Charles II) was Thomas Simon (c.1623-65), chief engraver of the Royal Mint. This engraving by Vertue was published in 'The Medals, Coins, Great Seals and other Works of Thomas Simon'.
[Ref: 17364]    £450.00 ($575 • €504 rates)

PRICE, Charles & Senex, John. [Uncommon two-sheet map of Great Britain]
A new map of Great Britain corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London. By John Sexex F.R.S. 1714. London: Thomas Bowles, John Bowles & Son, and Robert Sayer, c.1760. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 960 x 660mm. Repairs to folds.
A large map of England, Wales and Scotland, with an ornate title cartouche featuring a portrait of Queen Anne, the Royal Arms and a scene of Hercules fighting the Hydra. Originally issued in 1708, it is one of the first maps to use the name 'Great Britain' after the Act of Union of 1707. It was first published by the partnership of Parker and Senex, then also with John Mexwell by 1711. By 1714 Parker had dropped out, so his name was removed from the imprint (when the map appeared in Senex's 'English Atlas'0, as did Maxwell's by 1720. In 1728 Senex became a Fellow of the Royal Society (F.R.S). This last state was published about twenty years after Senex died, still with the 1714 date and portrait of Queen Anne. Despite the long printing history this map is quite uncommon: such large-format maps are notoriously hard to store and handle, so are usually damaged. SHIRLEY: Price 2, state 6 of 6.
[Ref: 18033]    £1,400.00 ($1,789 • €1,569 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 354
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