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 Eastern Seaboard 

Anonymous. [A 19th century view of the harbour of Boston frozen over]
The Cunard Royal Mail Steamship Britannia (John Hewitt, Commander). As she appeared leaving her dock at East Boston February 3d. 1844 bound from Boston to Liverpool. Boston: Cunard Steamship Company, 1876. Tinted lithograph finished with hand colour. Sheet 550 x 710mm.
The second edition of this uncommon view of Boston harbour icebound, first published in 1844, showing the people of the city standing on the ice watching the 'Britannia' escaping. In January 1844 a severe cold snap caused Boston Harbour to freeze over, a rare occurrence. According to the title the local merchants paid for a canal to be cut through ice seven miles long, allowing this paddle steamer to leave. Although the print was published to celebrate the achievement, it backfired as it showed the harbour could be put out of action, unlike New York.
[Ref: 19265]    £1,850.00 ($2,438 • €2,155 rates)

APPLETON, J.W. [A working sea chart of the northern Eastern Seaboard]
North America. From Cape Canso to Boston and Cape Cod, Including Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy &c. London: Charles Wilson, 1880. Touches of original colour. Four sheets conjoined and laid on blue paper, edged with linen, with publisher's title label, total 1020 x 2770mm.
A huge chart of the Eastern Seaboard from Cape Cod north to Cape Breton and Sable Island, presented in two sections. There are nine inset details include Boston Bay and Halifax Harbour, ten coastal profiles and two elevations of lighthouses. On the chart all the lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 17408]    £3,800.00 ($5,008 • €4,427 rates)

KLEMM, Josef. [Early 20th century bird's-eye view of Manhattan]
New-York. Ad. Lehmann's geogr. Charakterbilder. Leipzig: F. E. Wachsmutg, c.1908. Chromolithograph on two sheets, inages 615 x 820mm & 615 x 825mm, total if joined 615 x 1645mm. Margins covered with tape.
A scarce bird's-eye view of Manhattan and greater New York, by Austrian painter Josef Ferdinand Klemm (1868-1916). With the Statue of Liberty bottom right, it shows Manhattan north to Inwood Hill Park. The Singer Building (briefly the tallest building in the world) is shown but the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower is not, suggesting a date of 1908 for the painting.
[Ref: 19183]    £2,700.00 ($3,559 • €3,146 rates)

 Gulf States 

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of Florida]
La Floride Par N. Sanson . . . Paris, 1683. Original outline colour. 185 x 260mm.
Sanson's important early map of Florida and the Southeast, illustrating a number of early and important cartographic features. The first atlas map to correctly name Lake Erie, although it is pushed 2.5 degrees too far south, increasing the claims of France. Several new rivers appear in Virginia. The Caroline depicted on the map is Ft. Caroline, not the Carolinas.
[Ref: 19111]    £450.00 ($593 • €524 rates)


ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Newfoundland]
Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton di Nuova Projezione. Venice, 1778. Original colour. 445 x 340mm.
Newfoundland and Cape Breton. The title vignette shows fish being dried, an indication of the importance of the fishing industry there, even in the Eighteenth century.
[Ref: 19020]    £325.00 ($428 • €379 rates)

 West Indies 

SANSON, Nicolas. [A mid-17th century French map of the West Indies]
Les Isles Antilles &c. Entre lesquelles sont Les Lucayes, et Les Caribes. Paris: Pierre Mariette, 1656. Original outline colour. 395 x 555mm.
The first state of Sanson's map of the West Indies, wit the tip of Florida and the Bahamas. The title is on a tromp l'oeil tapestry.
[Ref: 19054]    £980.00 ($1,292 • €1,142 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [A scarce French map of the Lesser Antilles]
Isles d'Amerique dites Caribes ou Cannibales et de Barloventu. Paris, 1664. Original outline colour. 340 x 260mm.
Du Val's folio map of the lesser Antilles and Virgin Islands, published in the atlas 'Cartes de géographie les plus nouvelles et les plus fideles'. A key marks which colonial power controlled the islands.
[Ref: 19070]    £750.00 ($989 • €874 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [Early 18th century map of Martinique]
L'Isle de la Martinique. Paris, 1704. 260 x 360mm. With a separate sheet of desriptive text. Narrow margin at top due to the size of the plate.
A map of Martinique, engraved by Starckmann, with an extensive key.
[Ref: 18419]    £250.00 ($330 • €291 rates)

LEA, Philip. [A very scarce map of the English Possessions in America]
A Generall Mapp of the Continent and Islands which are Adjacent to Jamaica. The English Empire. A New Mapp of the Island of Jamaica London: George Willdey, c.1715. 490 x 570mm.
Three maps of one sheet: the lower half is a detailed map of Jamaica, with an inset of Port Royal; top left is a map of the West Indies with the mainland up to Cape Fear; and top right is a map of the English colonies between the Ashley and Cooper River to Boston. Although it was originally published by Lea in 1685, Burden could find no example of the first state; the second state had Lea's new address in Cheapside; this third and final state has Willdey's imprint. BURDEN: 608.
[Ref: 16283]    £4,500.00 ($5,931 • €5,243 rates)


JEFFERYS, Thomas. [A map of Cuba during the Seven Years' War]
A Map of the Isle of Cuba with the Bahama Islands, Gulf of Florida, and Windward Passage: Drawn from English and Spanish Surveys. London, 1762. 350 x 495mm. Trimmed to printed border at top, new margin added.
A map of Cuba published the year that a British expedition of five warships and 4,000 troops under George Keppel, captured Havana and the western part of the island. However at the end of the war in 1763, under the Treaty of Paris, the British swopped the island for Florida.
[Ref: 19272]    £1,100.00 ($1,450 • €1,282 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 142
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