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TALLIS, John. [Map of Victoria with vignettes]
Victoria, or Port Philip. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original colour. steel engraving, 260 x 330mm.
Map of the Australian state of Victoria, with a decorative border and attractive vignettes of kangaroos, aborigines and views of Melbourne and the River Glenelg.
[Ref: 17755]    £150.00 ($213 • €172 rates)

TALLIS, John. [New South Wales]
New South Wales. London, c.1851. Outline colour. steel engraving, 340 x 250mm.
Map of New South Wales, with an attractive border and decorated with vignettes of Sydney Cove, the Murray River and native flora.
[Ref: 18049]    £200.00 ($284 • €230 rates)

FINDLAY, Alexander George. [A detailed map of the British colonies in Australia]
Australia. London: Robert Holmes Laurie, 1853. Original colour. 400 x 520mm. Trimmed to printed border and laid on larger atlas sheet with page number, as originally issued.
A detailed map of Australia marking the British colonies in New South Wales and Western Australia. It was originally published in 1841 and was engraved by Findlay's father Alexander. This map usually appears dissected and laid on linen.
[Ref: 17431]    £680.00 ($967 • €781 rates)

WYLD, James. [Detailed map of Australia in fine colour]
Map of Australia, Compiled from the Nautical Surveys, Made by Order of the Admiralty and other Authentic Documents. London: James Wyld, c.1855. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, edged in green silk, publisher label pasted on verso. 600 x 870mm. Some wear to folds of linen. edging frayed.
A map of Australia detailing the burgeoning English colonies in the south of the continent. It also shows some of the ealy attempts to explore the interior, including Charles Sturt's third and final expedition, 1845. Insets feature Tasmania and the world showing the position of Australia with the British Empire in red. Far off the east coast are Bampton Shoals (now Bampton Reef, part of the Chesterfield Islands archipelago), with a note 'Two Islands with trees', on the coordinates of 'Sandy Island'. This island was famously declared non-existent in 2013 and removed from Google Maps!
[Ref: 12335]    £500.00 ($711 • €575 rates)

JOHNSTON, A.K. [Australia]
Australia. London, c.1856. Coloured. Image size 505 x 615mm. Two repaired tears in top border.
Australia, still with most of the Outback left blank.
[Ref: 7995]    £250.00 ($356 • €287 rates)

Das Austral-Continent oder Neu Holland nach Kreusenstern King, Flinders, Freycinet, Oxley, Sturt, Mitchell in Mercators Projection... Weimar, 1858. Original colour with additions. 490 x 580mm.
Australia, with insets of New South Wales, Sydney, Melville Island and South Australia.
[Ref: 11415]    £250.00 ($356 • €287 rates)

WYLD, James. [Map of the Australian gold rush]
Gold regions of Australia. London: Wyld, c.1864. Original Colour. 330 x 240mm
Detailed map of the 'Gold Regions of Australia' from James Wyld's Atlas of the World. The eastern half of Australia, showing gold deposits. Includes a list of the counties in Queensland
[Ref: 15480]    £150.00 ($213 • €172 rates)

WILKINSON, Charles Smith. [A geological map of Australia]
Geological Map of Australia Sydney ; Melbourne: Picturesque Atlas Publishing Co., c.1888. 390 x 620mm.
Geological map of Australia, compiled from information published by the Mining Department, Melbourne, for the 'Picturesque atlas of Australasia'.
[Ref: 17047]    £250.00 ($356 • €287 rates)

BLACK, J.M. [A detailed map of Sydney marking recreational beaches]
A Map of Sydney Harbour and Surrounding Districts, New South Wales. Showing Reserves on the Foreshores of the Harbour available for Recreation, with Access thereto, and other Reserves within the scope of the Map. Sydnery: Department of Lands, 1923. Colour lithograph, 580 x 980mm, laid on canvas, folded into card covers with original title label, as issued. A little wear at folds, map-seller's label top right.
A plan of Sydney extending to Paramatta in the west, Warringah in the north and Waterloo in the south. Already attempts are being made to prevent development, with Bondi Beach already designated a public park.
[Ref: 16204]    £1,500.00 ($2,133 • €1,724 rates)

GILL, Leslie MacDonald. [A pictorial map of Australia from the Second World War]
Australia. Her Natural and Industrial Resources. London: Printed by Alf Cooke Ltd, 1942. Colour lithographic map. Sheet 500 x 645mm. Folded as issued.
A propaganda map of Australia, showing how the industry and agriculture of the continent was helping the war effort. Little vignettes mark the cattle, sheep, grain and wood regions, and icons note the various types of mining, with a key on the left. The map is decorated with Australia's coat of arms and a large compass rose. A text box reads: 'In War and Peace. Australia's industrial resources have been completely reorganised to meet war-time demands. Her factories are now turning out armaments of many types and aircraft, including fighters and bombers. Her shipbuilding programme includes destroyers, minesweepers and merchant vessels. In addition, Australia is contributing to a great wheat pool which will help to feed the starving peoples of Europe when the war is over' . Leslie MacDonald Gill (1884-1947), younger brother of Eric Gill, specialised in graphic design in the Arts and Crafts style. His most important commission was from the Imperial War Graves Commission, designing the script used on Commission headstones and war memorials, including the 'Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme'. He produced a number of maps, two of which appeared in the British Museum exhibition 'Magnificent Maps in 2010: 'The Wonderground Map of London' (1914) & 'Tea Revives the World' (1940). This was one of a series of wartime maps of the Commonwealth countries, including New Zealand and Canada.
[Ref: 16138]    £1,500.00 ($2,133 • €1,724 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 85
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