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Anonymous. [Map of the German theatre of the Seven Years' War]
A Map Showing the Winter Quarters of the Hanoverian & French Armies. London: T.Kinnersley, 1759, Sheet 105 x 205mm. Narrow bottom margin.
A map of Germany, centred on Westphalia and showing Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne & Dortmund. In April 1758 Britain agreed the Anglo-Prussian Convention with Frederick II of Prussia. agreeing to subsidise Frederick's war efforts to the tune of £670,000 and supply 9,000 troops to his army. This was of greater interest to the British monarch, the Hanoverian George II, who was keen to protect his German realm, than to William Pitt, who was more concerned with Britain attacking France's overseas colonies. This map was published in the January edition of 'The Grand Magazine of Magazines. or Universal Register'. Mostly written by David Henry, the magazine was published as a competitor to the 'Gentleman's Magazine'. The circulation was never high and it folded in 1760.
[Ref: 14902]    £75.00 ($96 • €84 rates)

 St Petersburg 

Anonymous. [Italian town plan of St. Petersburg]
Pianta della Citta di S.Peterburg. Italy, c. 1760, copper engraving, 155 x 185mm.
An unusual plan of St Petersburg, with an inset view of the fort on Cronslot island.
[Ref: 12121]    £300.00 ($385 • €337 rates)

Anonymous. [View of the Old Stock Exchange, St Petersburg]
La Bourse. c.1840. Coloured lithograph. Printed area 245 x 340mm.
The Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (also Bourse) and Rostra Columns are significant examples of Greek revival architecture. Designed by French architect Thomas de Thomon, and inspired by the Greek Temple of Hera at Paestum. The rostra columns erected on either side of the Stock Exchange were completed in 1811. The Old Stock Exchange is sited to fill the majestic sweep of the Spit (in Russian Strelka) of Vasilievsky Island, just opposite the Winter Palace. A monumental sculptural group similar in form to a quadriga featuring Neptune, and symbolizing maritime commerce, is mounted above the portico.
[Ref: 14104]    £650.00 ($834 • €730 rates)

 Decorative Items 

Anonymous. [Illustrations of Celestial & Terrestrial globes]
Le Globe Celeste [&] Globe Terestre Paris, c.1760. Coloured, 190 x 115mm.
A pair of engravings of table top Celestial & Terrestrial Globes
[Ref: 18810]    £380.00 ($488 • €427 rates)

Anonymous. [A rare caricature map of the end of the Franco-Prussian War]
La Prusse s'Arrêtant. La Ligne Exacte De Démarcation De L'Armistice. Le contour de l'animal montre d'une maniere Absolument Exacte les lignes occupées par les belligérants pendant l'armistice... London: Edward Stanford, 14th February 1871. Tinted lithograph, sheet 405 x 525mm. A few repairs.
An extremely rare broadsheet caricature map of France at the end of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1), with the area occupied by the Prussians depicted as a lion's head with the face of Wilhelm I. After France declared war in July 1870 the Prussians mobilised more quickly and swept into northern France and within two months had captured Napoleon III and had Paris under siege. The fall of the French capital on 28th January 1871 led to an armistice while the terms of the French surrender could be agreed. Two weeks later this pro-French propaganda map was published in London, using the symbolism of the carnivorous lion because 'of the uncontrollable voracity of Prussia exemplified by the veracity of their present demands', which included the annexation of both Alsace and Lorraine. The success of these demands led to the rise of 'revanchism' in France and British concern about the balance of power in Europe, both major factors in the outbreak of the First World War
[Ref: 17986]    £825.00 ($1,058 • €926 rates)

Anonymous. [An Italian Serio-Comic map of Europe during the Great War]
L'Europa nel 1915. Milan: Luigi Ronchi di Candido Varoli, 1915. Chromolithograph, sheet 450 x 650mm. Binding folds reinforced, small repairs.
An Italian satirical map of Europe, with caricatures for the countries at war. France is a cockerel pecking the nose of the German dachshund, whose picklehelm is being punched by a long-legged British sailor. Austria howls with pain as its hind leg is crushed by the Russian steamroller driven by a grinning polar bear, and he is stabbed in the back by a Serbian bayonet. Partly based on the 'Hark Hark' map by Johnson Riddle, this version seems to date to before the Treaty of London brought Italy into the war in May 1915; a later version has the placid Italian shown here clubbing the Austrian dog with the butt of his rifle. See SOUCACOS: Satirical Maps p.216-7 for later issue.
[Ref: 18439]    £5,500.00 ($7,057 • €6,177 rates)

Anonymous. [An Italian anti-American poster from the Second World War]
La Preghiera di Roosevelt. Incredibile; ma vero! Preghiera composta da Roosvelt e da lui trasmessa da tutte le stazioni radio alleate il giorno 7 giugno 1944 [The Prayer of Roosevelt. Incredible but true! Prayer composed by Roosevelt and broadcast from all the Allied radio stations on 7 June 1944. ] Italy, c.1944. Coloured lithograph. Sheet 700 x 995mm. Laid on canvas for preservation.
A propaganda poster designed to provoke animosity against the Americans occupying Italy during the last months of the Second World War. It follows a prayer broadcast by Franklin D. Roosevelt on Allied radio on 7th June 1944, three days after the Liberation of Rome and one day after D-Day. It shows a central figure of Roosevelt on his knees, praying. Surrounding him are his prayers (in Italian) and vignette illustrations of what his prayers mean to the Italians. Top right his prayer, 'Lord help us to overcome all obstacles in order to reach the honest and much desired award', is accompanied by an image of a G.I. bagging up 'the World's gold'. Middle right his prayer, 'We fight a holy crusade to free the oppressed peoples and for justice to triumph', shows a trooper tying a man with economic bonds and gagging him. Elsewhere the troops loot antiquities under the orders of a crudely-caricatured Jew in spats and accost Italian women. Another gross caricature shows a bare-footed negro jazzman playing the saxophone. ''Your will be done and so be it''.
[Ref: 18378]    £1,650.00 ($2,117 • €1,853 rates)

Anonymous. [A socialist protest poster after the 1974 military coup in Portugal]
Il Portogallo non sara' il Chile d'Europa. Italian, c.1974. Lithograph, printed in black and red. Sheet 410 x 305mm.
A poster with the head of a soldier wearing a helmet, his face made from a map of Portugal. Above is the anti-fascist slogan 'Portugal will not be the Chile of Europe'; this was the slogan of the 'Carnation Revolution' which overthrew the authoritarian regime of the Estado Novo in April 1974. The hope was that the coup wasn't going to emulate Augusto Pinochet's coup of 1973, which saw a thousand executions in the first six months, the abolition of civil liberties and 500% inflation in the first year. Instead Portugal evolved into a democratic country.
[Ref: 17591]    £900.00 ($1,155 • €1,011 rates)

Records: 51 to 58 of 58
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