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 Northern Africa 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Abyssinia]
La Nubia ed Abissinia. Venice, 1784. Original colour. 320 x 410mm.
North eastern Africa, but showing the Red Sea and coast of Arabia in some detail.
[Ref: 9473]    £80.00 ($99 • €89 rates)

BRUCE, James. [Bruce's search for the source of the Nile]
To My Worthy and Learned Friend the Honourable Daines Barrington This Plan of two Attempts to Arrive at the Source of the Nile is dedicated by his most Obliged and faithful Humble Servant James Bruce. London: J. Walker, 1790. 540 x 330mm.
In 1768 James Bruce (1730-94) set out to find the source of the Blue Nile, spending five years in North Africa and Arabia. This map plots two routes around Lake Tana, starting from Gondar, the capital of Ethiopia, with the source shown bottom left. On his return to London in 1774 he claimed to be the first European to reach the source of the Blue Nile, but attracted attacks on his credibility. Affronted, Bruce did not publish his account until 1790 (persuaded by his friend Barrington); his 'Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile' contained this map.
[Ref: 17095]    £450.00 ($559 • €500 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [A scarce Italian map of Barbary]
Le Coste di Barbaria ovvero I Regni di Marocco, di Fez, Di Algeri, di Tunisi, e di Tripoli coi Paesi circonvicini Delineati sulle Ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1797. Original Colour. 355 x 485mm.
North west Africa, from the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale', and unsuccessful publication and therefore scarce.
[Ref: 15511]    £325.00 ($404 • €361 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [A scarce map of West Africa]
Parte dell'Africa che comprende L'Alta Guinea con La Nigrizia, Delineata sulle Ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1797. Coloured, 355 x 495mm.
West Africa from Cape Verde to Biafra, published in the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale'. Casssini attempted to create a luxury atlas at a time other publishers were becoming more scientific. The cost of engraving and the quality of the paper used made it expensive, so few copies of the atlas were sold, making it a hard atlas to find.
[Ref: 7520]    £300.00 ($373 • €333 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [18th century Italian map of Egypt]
L'Egitto Antico e Moderno. Rome, 1798. Original colour. 495 x 365mm.
Egypt, with the Nile south to Aswan, from the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale'.
[Ref: 7543]    £170.00 ($211 • €189 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [18th Century map of Nubia and Abyssinia]
La Nubia ed Abissinia delineata sulle Ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1798. Coloured, 365 x 500mm.
Map of Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia, from the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale'.
[Ref: 7556]    £290.00 ($360 • €322 rates)

DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. [Large map of West Africa published at the end of the 18th century]
Carte de la Barbarie de la Nigritie et de La Guinée. Paris: Dezauche, c.1798. Original outline colour. 500 x 630mm.
A French map of West Africa, published in Year VII (1798) of the French Republic, despite having been first issued in 1700. In the 1790s there was much interest in West Africa, with Mungo Park's attempt to follow the Niger with its eastward flow. A century earlier De L'Isle noted: 'Some believe that the Niger is a branch of the Nile'.
[Ref: 14029]    £300.00 ($373 • €333 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of North Africa]
Barbary including Morocco Algier, Tunis and Tripoly. Coiuntry of Dates, Fezzan &ra. London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of North Africa engraved by Hatchett for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16381]    £45.00 ($56 • €50 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of West Africa]
Nigritia and Guinea; with the African Coast from Cape Blanco to Cape Lopo-Gonsalvez. London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of West Africa engraved by Palmer for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16382]    £65.00 ($81 • €72 rates)

RENNELL, James. [Mungo Park's search for the River Niger]
The Route of Mr Mungo Park, from Pisania on the River Gambia, to Silla, on the River Joliba, or Niger; With his return by the Southern Route, to Pisania. Compiled from Mr Park's Observations, Notes, & Sketches. London: James Rennell, 1798. Some original outline colour. 255 x 660mm. Top edge slightly trimmed for binding, new margin added.
The official map of the routre of the Scottish explorer Mungo Park (1774-1806) in search of the Niger, here published in his 'Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa'. Under the patronage of Sir Joseph Banks and the African Association, Park travelled to Africa to seek the source of the River Niger (1795-7). His expedition was delayed by captivity and illness (he spent seven months convalescing in a man's home), and he was believed dead when he returned to Britain. Park had little experience as a cartographer, so the job of compiling the maps for the official account fell to Major James Rennell, former cartographer to the East India Company in Bengal. He too had fallen foul of locals and had to retire from active service because of the wounds he had received. He became a research cartographer, becoming a pioneer of oceanography. He used a variety of sources to compile this map and in doing so made his greatest cartographic error: he extrapolated a single mountain seen by Park into a huge range, creating the 'Mountains of Kong', which blighted maps of West Africa for most of the nineteenth century. Here they are referred to in a note 'A Chain of Great Mountains extends along these Parallels'.
[Ref: 14251]    £500.00 ($621 • €555 rates)

Records: 71 to 80 of 144
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